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Community Glitch Ship AI Feedback

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Izzabelle, Jun 19, 2014.


Do you like the Glitch Ship AI?

  1. No, I really really dislike it

    156 vote(s)
  2. No

    58 vote(s)
  3. Yes

    47 vote(s)
  4. Yes, I really really like it

    121 vote(s)
  5. I am indifferent

    46 vote(s)
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  1. ObsidianDragon13

    ObsidianDragon13 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    i was actually tempted to use cartoon horses for it but good point on the talking indeed a normal horse would still have to show its teeth then again though they also dont smile but then again this is a cartoon horse (yes i used then again twice)
    while i still think its was a bad idea to even get involved in the first place i will admit i got a bit passionate over chucklefish's little "joke" BUT while my blanket of generalization on the "defenders" was a bit unfair you have done exactly the same thing many of us "horse haters" have taken the time to find ways to end it on middle ground so not ONE side gets to have all the nice things as well as explaining why we dislike it over the many polls this dumb situation has spawned
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2014
  2. Jeoshua

    Jeoshua Existential Complex

    I've been playing starbound (stable) to clear my head. Every trollish post, and I go monster hunting instead of rising to the occasion. I've killed a lot of innocent mobs today.
  3. UnsubRedun

    UnsubRedun Plebeian

    Who cares

    Yeah, that's the point a lot of us are trying to make when we're rebutting against the "it doesn't look like a real horse" argument.
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  4. @PartyAlarm if you're going to post images in this thread, be sure they are smaller in size and contribute to discussion that will produce feedback. As opposed to trying to get a rise out of people.
  5. Gazz

    Gazz Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Square sunglasses.

    Sorry but I just can't grasp the gravity of the problem that created a 700 post thread.
    Are we still talking about the "logic" of the AI avatar choice of robots gone crazy?

    You want a logical explanation? The Glitch bug resulted in a broken pointer so a pink pony picture is displayed instead of... nothing.
    Why would a robot need a graphical representation for what amounts to a server query?
  6. skydart

    skydart Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Preferably those looking a little horse-ish, I presume?
  7. Having explanations was one thread of thought here. A lot of posts discussed varying alternatives. Or the flaws in relying on mods.
  8. UnsubRedun

    UnsubRedun Plebeian

    Izz you seriously going to remove Party Alarm's picture response to "this is what a horse looks like when _____" but not Obsidian's picture response to "this is what a horse looks like when ____"?
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  9. corrosivechains

    corrosivechains Master Chief

    I was just pointing out what another meant when he or she was referencing "devs". I will admit though I love your liberal use of passive aggressive attacks and hyperbole to paint a picture of us ravening and hateful nay saying horse haters, with our pure unadulterated outbursts of hate and viciousness.
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  10. I missed that one. I'll jump back
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  11. UncleWalrus

    UncleWalrus Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Damned if you do, damned if you don't. The joys of moderation.

    Tho to be fair, use URLs, people.
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  12. Jeoshua

    Jeoshua Existential Complex

    It's not as if one side of this argument is without its share of rabble rousers. I've seen just as many inflamatory posts from people who like the Horse as-is as those who would prefer it changed. There are also well reasoned, decent arguments from people on both sides.

    But it seems like both sides are arguing different points. Those in favor of keeping the AI keep pointing that Lore will be written which makes this make sense. Those who are against the AI as-is feel it doesn't fit, and secondarilly are upset at feeling that they have been trolled. Neither side is blameless in taking offense, causing trouble, or misconstruing the other's side.

    Not even me, and not even you.
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  13. UnsubRedun

    UnsubRedun Plebeian

    Alright. Not like, getting up in arms or anything, just bringing attention to it. Thanks.
  14. Actually caught a few more posts with large images. People please! At lease put them in spoilers :coffee:
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  15. yclatious

    yclatious Guest

    Firstly,many of you shoudnt be this angry at a simple joke.Troling is realy jjst making someone else angry and then just laughing at it,and none of you guys realy did get trolled.

    I realized that it wasnt 41 pages of that,since that post was made in like 7 secs after reading someone woudnt mind if the Horse got ateeth job,yadayadaya.


    Band together to mock you?No,I am simply trying to understand how something this minor could cause me to write all this stuff against people who disagree with me at 1:30 AM and how so many of the people against me are so mad for such a small lil joke.

    That is what I am perplexed about and what I simply dont tolerate.I personaly like this cirent A.I. but Lord Gwyn and Solaire,you guys...

    Yoou know both versions will be modable to hell,right?

    And if Chucle stay with it,you can simply change it imediately.

    There is no need,there was no need for thse wallls of text at 1:30 of the damed morning to explain my point,when everythig will be solvable by a simple file already existant and so many more to come.

    I havent disrespected you in any way,only pinted where you ahve acted wrog and not tolerated those moments.

    I criticize whats needs criticizing and I praise what needs praising.Nothing more
  16. I don't think Chucklefish was necessarily mocking/trolling anyone -- so much as they were really hoping everyone would laugh with them over the silliness of the AI. I stated before, I don't think any of them predicted "this" would happen. Or that anyone would continue to hold onto their dislike/discomfort/hatred of the AI for this long.
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  17. XsnakeX51

    XsnakeX51 Void-Bound Voyager

    To some it does seem like they were. Are you aware of the going ons outside of the forum itself? Its a sincere question.
  18. yclatious

    yclatious Guest

    [quote="UncleWalrus, post: 2076847, member: 158603"]You seem to be remarkably certain it wasn't malicious despite evidence to the contrary.
    These things are far from "innocent".

    Besides, the 41 page thread did, eventually, manage to not only sort out what exactly was wrong with the original art assets, but also provide replacements for them.

    It also managed to bring evidence that Chucklefish are at least as puerile and easily provoked as their primary playerbase.
    Hopefully they'll learn from this mess and improve as a company. *cough*DayOneGarry'sIncident*cough*

    I genuinely cannot take you seriosuly now.

    I cant.I genuinely cant,just,no.

    What evidence?
    What reasonfor this mallice?
    Chucklefish are at least as puerile and easily provoked as their primary playerbase
    What on earth are you even saying!?

    DayOne Garry's Incident...Now you most definitely lost me.
    That was a horrible made bad game,what on earth does it have to do with Chuclefish?
  19. ObsidianDragon13

    ObsidianDragon13 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    *sigh* whatever the end result is i just want this to be over with NO MORE JOKES coming from them so we can cool off and "Get over it." if we really must be ignored.

    -i apologize for the ignore comment i was a bit frustrated but still out of line.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2014
  20. Yes, but I am specifically here for the forums. I've seen quite a number of horrors and negativity outside of it.
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