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Community Glitch Ship AI Feedback

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Izzabelle, Jun 19, 2014.


Do you like the Glitch Ship AI?

  1. No, I really really dislike it

    156 vote(s)
  2. No

    58 vote(s)
  3. Yes

    47 vote(s)
  4. Yes, I really really like it

    121 vote(s)
  5. I am indifferent

    46 vote(s)
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  1. Jeoshua

    Jeoshua Existential Complex

    With how quickly you're turning these out, @MariaTheElf, I wonder if Chucklefish should hire you as a sprite artist.
  2. yclatious

    yclatious Guest


    Erm,firtly the entirety of these threads about the discussion of the Horse A.I. were ade by normal users or Mods,not Chuclefish,so whatever hapens here,including the stiring up of the Horse Haters and the Horse Lovers is cause by the individuals,not Chuclefish.

    Second,they are simply poking fun at the Horse Haters,as they know all the stir up it has caused, its the Horse Haters that should be responsible if they cant control the slightest provocation just for some laughs and flip their sh*t.Their fault.

    Thirdly,bad P.R.?Listen,if you hate Chuclefish just because they poked fun at you just for some harmless gigles then you might just have a bit of a problem ther buddy.
    If you cant handle ajoke made on your expense,without any kind of malice intended,just a simple joke, then man, tahts kinda messed up
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  3. ObsidianDragon13

    ObsidianDragon13 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    i dont think chucklefish is evil or anything but just that they are letting this joke get far too out of hand just. However have you even considered the other side's reasonings instead of just seeing all of us as humorless entitled whiners i can see your side but if you cant see ours that even more messed up.
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  4. yclatious

    yclatious Guest

    I politely refuse the ideas that the Horse is bland,unfiting,purposefuly made in order to anoy people and the most ohrrible abomination of this world,you know,the extremistsEdit: (that you arent one,obviously)

    What are you refering to then,that I cant seem to see?Im sorry of I havent quite yet gotten it,its 1 AM over here,most likely due to sleep,please explain your side,please
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  5. ObsidianDragon13

    ObsidianDragon13 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I cant speak for everyone however i will tell you MY problem with it. its not because its a horse with tits its not because its unfitting or strange My issue is the dead eyes and buck teeth while the others A.I. have fitting looks to them this specific one looks like a donkey or heh even a mask if all of them were silly and unfitting then yeah id be fine with it but this one is disgusting to look at and i spend a lot of time on my tech cpu. in short my problem is the facial expression and when i brought up changing it to a more focused look in the eye and playful smirk YOU ALL went apex sh** however i appreciate you taking the time to listen. It just drives me crazy when people refuse to compromise at all and fan the flames of a conflict.
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  6. UncleWalrus

    UncleWalrus Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Last I checked, Kyren was a dev, not a mod and by no means a simple forumite. So yes, it is chucklefish.
    Also, when you poke fun at an issue that has people up in arms, you risk having exactly what happened. Provoking a discontent group (which you yourself are admitting they've done) into voicing their discontent in an admittedly puerile way distributes most of the fault onto them, not onto the people that react to it. Not to say that the latter can't act more civil, but it is primarily Chucklefish's fault for poking the hornet nest.

    And yes, it is bad pr. Word of mouth is a real thing, and if you think that the puerile way that the devs are responding to an equally puerile manifestation of a grievance will go unsanctioned, you are amusingly naive. Lastly, it's not a joke anymore, especially with them having the benefit of hindsight; it's provocation.

    But now we're going dangerously off-topic and I didn't ask for the poll to be reopened just so I end up getting it locked again, so let's leave the "Chucklefish is deliberately baiting flamewars" discussion for another thread.

    My sentiment exactly. I don't mind the massive stonking cleavage. I don't particularly mind the horseface, jarring and absurd as it is. What I do mind (ingame, regarding this particular issue) is the fixed stare and the MS sufferer countenance.
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  7. Sledra

    Sledra Slotherator 2.0

    So, correct me if I'm wrong, the majority of the people who don't like it right now would be ok if it was just not as bucktoothed as it is right now? Have we really reached the point that we have had a 41 page thread because a horse needed orthodontic work done?
  8. UnsubRedun

    UnsubRedun Plebeian

    And the other side is that people are just fine with the way it looks. Forcing a compromise is undermining an entire half of the debate's opinion. I, and many other posters, have no problem at all with the horse. In fact, I prefer how it looks currently. It's silly and the game is silly. I think it's funny and I think (most) aspects of the game are funny. Just because I'm telling you this doesn't mean I'm calling you out, it doesn't mean I want you to change your opinion, and it doesn't mean I want to force you to like it.
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  9. ObsidianDragon13

    ObsidianDragon13 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    bucked tooth and dead eyed and id be done with this argument forever.
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  10. UnsubRedun

    UnsubRedun Plebeian

    Don't change the horse, is my opinion.
  11. corrosivechains

    corrosivechains Master Chief

    So much this. The point of this thread is for us to discuss either what we like or don't like about it, and to offer what we feel might be solutions or alternatives if we don't like it. Also we shouldn't have to be defending our opinions in a thread that's asking us to directly voice them. On top of that we have stated over and over many reasons why we don't, and we can only explain it so many times before it starts feeling like we're being baited into saying something "wrong".
  12. yclatious

    yclatious Guest

    So,you are complaining about me having a difrent opinion,me respecting yours and ignoring it?

    Listen,I am respectfull in the sense that i donot undrstand,yet I tolerate.

    I have only stated a possibility in the symbolism of the horse A.I.,wich you disproved,verry well then,your own choice.

    I have defended that the intentions of Chuclefish were not harmfull(wich you agreed) when they just poked some fun at the haters,and I claimed and claim that any anger cause by that is personal, and nothing more,for if by a inocent,malice free joke on you you start geting angry,then its no good.You seemed to acept what I have just said.

    So what is this side you talk about?This is a personal opinion,you hate it to death,I dont,I respect you hating it,where is the problem?

    And I do NOT rrecal any of the Horse defenders going Apex Sh*t,prove me wrong.
  13. XsnakeX51

    XsnakeX51 Void-Bound Voyager

    That's not the only problem though. The fact it seems more like a joke than a decision they would commit to is kind of sad, I mean, out of the dozens if not hundreds of avatars for the glitch AI, it seems like they picked the zaniest silliest thing they could think of at the time.
  14. yclatious

    yclatious Guest

    So,this entire Sh*tstorm is ovver bucked teeth and dead eyes of a A.I.,huh?

    Alright,da hell is wrong with you guys,I need to know,how the hell have 41 pages of Battling,Defending and Atacking,Arguments made,structured,and time wasted,over literaly something as small as no bucktooth.

    Da fuck is wrong with you guys,thats it,someone,please explain,how on earth did this hapen,how.
  15. cooltv27

    cooltv27 Heliosphere

    buckteeth and less freakish eyes for me mainly, possibly better proportioned head, but mainly they eyes and teeth
  16. UnsubRedun

    UnsubRedun Plebeian

    It doesn't seem any more like a joke than the literal pile of crystals.
  17. lol, please -- I guess it's a startling revelation, but reel it in :giggle:
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  18. ObsidianDragon13

    ObsidianDragon13 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    no just the refusal to respect that opinion, also this song and dance has been in more than just this poll if you recall and yeah if you go through them it got pretty crazy when someone even brought up any middle ground. in fact you made fun of that opinion just a few posts ago.
  19. UnsubRedun

    UnsubRedun Plebeian

    Saying "there's proof" isn't proof.
  20. UncleWalrus

    UncleWalrus Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Commendably well put. Well, that and the fixed, glassy stare.


    An easy fix would indeed, be multiple options for the AI for those who don't feel like modding it out. If they're so adamant about keeping the horse, give at least an alternate option where it doesn't look utterly derp.
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