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Community Glitch Ship AI Feedback

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Izzabelle, Jun 19, 2014.


Do you like the Glitch Ship AI?

  1. No, I really really dislike it

    156 vote(s)
  2. No

    58 vote(s)
  3. Yes

    47 vote(s)
  4. Yes, I really really like it

    121 vote(s)
  5. I am indifferent

    46 vote(s)
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  1. I figured out how! I win!

    Everyone can now choose a more neutral answer in the poll.
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  2. Pseudo Unicorn

    Pseudo Unicorn Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I'd say I'm indifferent, but that's really only because I don't play the Glitch, surprise surprise. I'd probably be a lot more gung-ho about having it changed or having the ability to switch it out, otherwise.

    It really doesn't fit with the rest of the AI, certainly. And while I have no delusions about Starbound being a serious game by any means, it sort of sticks out like a sore thumb from... Anything else, really (Even the poo golem). I think a horse AI COULD be really cool, but I think it would look better if it resembles a chess piece, even if it remained an effeminate, curvy-looking one.
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  3. ObsidianDragon13

    ObsidianDragon13 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    or they would avoid the whole situation all together which what im putting my money on. if the horse is permanent and there wont be interchangeable a.i. i just hope they release nova kids then as well so i can change over.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2014
  4. FLOknows

    FLOknows Subatomic Cosmonaut

    All anthropomorphic characters look like a human wearing a mask of the animal that character is based on. If titty horse had hairy man arms then I think you would be on to something, but I really think it's just a coincidence.
  5. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    You'd be surprised, actually. Some have a more biologically accurate portrayal, but we're just splitting hairs here.
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  6. Magmarashi

    Magmarashi Cosmic Narwhal

    To be honest I wouldn't expect anything to come of any poll. As it stands right now, only 146 people have bothered to vote in any direction, and I am pretty sure a heck of a lot more people bought the game than 146.

    To listen to a poll this small and make any change based upon it would be laughable.
  7. FLOknows

    FLOknows Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Ok, so maybe I shouldn't have said "all". But the classic "human body with animal head" thing is what I meant. I guess there are characters like Hobbes and all the characters in disneys cartoon Robin Hood.
  8. This thread is not entirely for the numbers as much as it is for the reasoning behind wanting the AI to stay or be changed. The reasoning behind people's opinions can represent a very large number of voices otherwise unheard or unseen. Especially if those opinions and reasoning are grounded and explain in logic.

    tldr: reasons.
  9. Magmarashi

    Magmarashi Cosmic Narwhal

    A lot of the 'reasoning grounded in logic' amounts to 'I want the tone of the game to be way more serious than was advertised because I want it that way, dev intentions be damned!' or 'the devs are just trying to get our goat(horse)'

    Looks like it was just a thing they thought would be really fun and I'm concerned the cynical, no fun allowed outcry at every goofy thing they do is going to burn them out of supporting their own community out of need for self-care.
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  10. ObsidianDragon13

    ObsidianDragon13 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    except its not for everything also if ALL the A.I. was silly then i bet NOBODY would care but since they all look awesome except for US glitch players A.I. you'd better believe we would get mad about this if anything should have a odd A.I. its the floran.
  11. Mayhaps. But there are reasons behind those opinions that are pretty valid so far. And we've only had one group of participants really. We'll see where else feedback can take us.
  12. Magmarashi

    Magmarashi Cosmic Narwhal

    The fact that all the other AIs are played mostly straight adds to and enhances the comedic value of Horsetana. If they were all goofs, the joke would only be good on that one level. As it is, we have outlandish 'standing out' humor, the fact that it's a gorram HORSE humor, and to a degree how frothingly angry some people out there seem to be getting over a silly horse AI is an endless font of hilarity.
  13. ObsidianDragon13

    ObsidianDragon13 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    do you even play glitch is the question because a joke will stop being funny if you have to see it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over......
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  14. But remember that everyone is entitled to their opinions and we need to be mindful of that. It may be hilarious to you, but to some people who really enjoy the Glitch (but hate the AI) -- it can ruin the game for them if the Horse isn't their particular cup of tea, since their favorite race is slaved to that particular AI.
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  15. Meckell

    Meckell Void-Bound Voyager

    See, I think my made-up horse AI lore in my previous posts here both perfectly justify the horse AI and enhance the game.

    If the hivemind is capped at a medieval level, spaceships do not seem to be a reasonable thing for them to be making. At the same time, an entire spaceship is a bit much for a single Outcast to build.
    By making the horse AI a weird Outcast buddy who was helping with the ship, but then wired themselves in to become the horse AI because you had to leave in a hurry, these things are explained sensibly. Their inexperience in being a ship AI then contributes to you being technically alone and stranded at the start of the game, the damage to the ship, and having to upgrade the ship's computer over time.

    The whole horse thing provides a point of persistent weirdness. A player who questions this is eventually given an opportunity to explore Glitch lore directly. I have already proposed a quest trigger for multiplayer by simply boarding another Glitch player's ship and observing that they have a seemingly identical weirdo Outcast buddy turned horse AI. Presumably, singleplayer would get its own equivalent trigger.
    In pursuing this questline and trying to find Hewlett Deckard for answers, you find that your Outcast buddy is in fact an integral component in the systematic exile of Glitch undesirables. They're legitimately your buddy, but whatever it is that makes them an oddball with strange horse spaceship fantasies also makes them exceptionally easy to copy.

    After talking to Deckard and the scene with the origami tithorse, you are left back on your ship wondering: what if you really are an AI?

    No, wait! That's an idiotic question! All Glitch, both hivemind and outcast, are AI! Why would you ever think of such a stupid- Unless...

    You jump to your feet, scrambling to unbolt your chest plate. An RNG goes off in the background.

    Most Glitch characters will find their torso to be filled with machinery and proper robot parts, everything in order. For them, life goes on normally, or as normal as it gets for a Glitch outcast in the Starbound universe, anyways.

    But some characters will roll a 1. And while they're still fumbling for a wrench, Dreadwing erupts from their chassis like some sort of tuxedo'd chestburster.

    Fortunately, respawning is a thing, and after finding no sign of a maniacal flightless waterfowl rampaging through your ship, you check in with your horse AI:

    "Did that really just happen?"
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  16. Magmarashi

    Magmarashi Cosmic Narwhal

    haha, yes I lift play a Glitch, which really doesn't have too much to do with me finding it funny or not. I could play exclusively a human and my opinion about if Horsetana is funny or not would be just as valid as anyone else.

    I'm also more qualified to know when and how quickly a joke will wear out it's welcome to my sense of humor, and that is a very subjective measurement
  17. ObsidianDragon13

    ObsidianDragon13 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    see i preach compromise all i hear from you is me me me can you not see the other side?
  18. Magmarashi

    Magmarashi Cosmic Narwhal

    The compromise is built in, you can mod any aspect of the game that doesn't suit your particular tastes. Let the devs do as they please, they've given us all the tools and the means to play our way as much as we care to once it's out there.

    If we're going to play this 'you're being selfish!' pointing game (Let's not!) then I think it's pretty selfish for people to expect the devs to cater to -their- idea of how the game's tone and lore should be instead of what the devs have already spent hard work coming up with.
  19. ObsidianDragon13

    ObsidianDragon13 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    just saying have an ingame choice without having to risk corruption would be nice
    and dont worry i've said my piece on that i'll keep it clean and friendly.
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