Glitch on Switch Version?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by UnknownPersona, May 15, 2018.

  1. UnknownPersona

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    I’ve been trying to finish the initiation quest in the Switch version of the game, but whenever I defeat a slime it doesn’t add onto my count. Am I just doing something wrong or, if it’s a glitch, does anyone know where I could report this?
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      As a side-note, Glitch on a Switch is like the Dr. Seuss version of Snakes on a Plane.

      ~'...we've got a hitch, an itchy twitch, I'm tired of this glitch on a switch, you... [bleep]'~
      • ladymurasaki

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        Are you sure you "looked" at the quest in your log? It doesn't actually start until you open the quest. I've been on Switch for 3 game files and all the slime quests worked.
        • davoker

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          There is a known error in PC, and it seems that this error has been ported to Switch xD sometimes, when they give you the mission to kill 10 slimes, even if you kill one does not tell you how you killed one, when this happens, try to Killing "Duggys" is a mistake and is actually asking you to kill Duggys.

          I do not know if it can happen with more monsters, but I personally passed that error, if you do not tell you kill slimes, try killing other monsters.

          PS: I have bad English, I hope you understand.
          • nevyn21

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            The rockcrabs can be the target for that quest as well. Some early mob should count.

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