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Glass Artifact: Infusion/Guardian's Heart should be reduced to 10%

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by NikolaiLev, May 20, 2014.

  1. NikolaiLev

    NikolaiLev Void-Bound Voyager

    Right now, glass would be an interesting artifact, if it weren't for how these two items trivialize the mode. All you need is one or two infusions and you'll get to normal game HP levels in no time. And with your ridiculous amount of damage, the game just becomes easy. This is especially problematic when using the Command artifact (which I find increases the fun of the game immensely).

    Infusions should give you .1 health each orb, and Guardian's Hearts should only give you 6 shields. They'd still be useful, but Glass would no longer be a race to these two items.
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    • gamerzap

      gamerzap Orbital Explorer

      I think infusion should give you .2 and guardian's heart 12 to be consistent with health scaling in glass.
      • geekofalltrades

        geekofalltrades Phantasmal Quasar

        Even more brutal would be to replace the Infusion with an artifact-item, call it a Glass Shard, which just grants a fixed health increase like the Bitter Root.
        • Raiyuden

          Raiyuden Tentacle Wrangler

          The whole point of the Artifact of Glass is to hit and kill before you do kinda like a Contra mode or something. I feel they should get rid of Infusion and Guardian heart but instead replace them with some kind of large/small shard that helps you deal more damage. It'll be a lot more challenging since now you're powerful as hell but still vulnerable to damage so you'll constantly be on your toes.
          • Settesh

            Settesh Space Hobo

            Maybe rather than have less health and more damage with glass on, you and the enemies could deal more damage, but you keep your original health. Infusion and guardian heart will essentially be nerfed, while the actual play style of glass stays the same.
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            • DJFlare84

              DJFlare84 Spaceman Spiff

              I have to admit, I love roflstomping the game with Commander Psuedo-Glass, but I also have to painfully admit a special nerf for Infusion and Guardian Hearts while Glass Mode is active is probably inevitable and for the best...
              • gamerzap

                gamerzap Orbital Explorer

                But then that gets rid of the advantage of really fast regen so it would be like if you get hit twice within a minute, you die.
                • Leafia_Barrett

                  Leafia_Barrett Big Damn Hero

                  *sigh* As much as I enjoy breaking the game wide open with Glass + Infusion, the guy's right, there needs to be some kind of nerf.
                  Well... yeah! You are supposed to be a glass cannon - deal massive damage but die really easily. Hence the name Glass.
                  • wall57

                    wall57 Subatomic Cosmonaut

                    the programmers already fixed hp problem in next update. maybe diff could affect guard's power with glass, like easy: no changes, med: 30 str, hard: 10 str. and all that stuff.
                    • This is a really easy problem to solve, since the players health is reduced to 10%, just reduce the values of infusion and guardian to 10%, so every 10 infusions is a hp, and guardian heart only shields 5 instead of 50
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                      • shadowpikachu

                        shadowpikachu Space Spelunker

                        Atleast i got origin before this is changed.
                        • Neapolitan Shark

                          Neapolitan Shark Space Spelunker

                          I agree completely with this change, I just can't bring it to myself to use Infusion or GH it without feeling like a complete scrub.

                          A good idea is to make it so Infusion has a 1/11 (instead of 1/10 just to make sure it's harder for RNGesus to bless you) chance to give you an extra bit of health.

                          Have guardian heart be a rare item. Want that 60 health? Gonna have to give up becoming a Stupidly good crowd-controlling sniper with the Heaven Cracker.
                          • Treadlight

                            Treadlight Existential Complex

                            I'm going to add more strength to this; I also agree that this needs to happen. I tried bringing this up in General Discussion, but the people who's attention I caught seemed to not realize how game breaking this can be if left unchecked.
                            • gufufu

                              gufufu Space Hobo

                              this idea is good
                              but i like pretending that im good at the game

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