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    Whelp, I'm launching the channel. The first legit episode is out. I'm currently doing guides since I think that will be desired for new players when multiplayer 1.3 comes out.

    Why am I Fox? Because I'm cunning but also aggravating and weird smelling.

    You veteran farmers will likely know the stuff I'm covering, but I think it'll do good for anyone you are trying to get into the game. Plus, it can be fun to just hear factoids that you may have overlooked.

    The theme of my channel is that "you don't have to be good to git gud."

    I use a few programs to live up to this name, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Premier Pro, Audition, and FL Studio 12 and I try my best to actually do something with them without any formal training to demonstrate that YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE GOOD... to git gud.

    I'm sure people will also have fun nit picking any details I get wrong.

    Newest Episode: Updated (Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018)

    Welcome to Git Gud Fox

    A subject of interest to me is how games, like Stardew Valley, capture audiences in the AAA dominated mainstream. I am likely going to make a more laid back video (video editing is a lot of effort) simply discussing the philosophy of why modern games don't appeal to a pretty sizable quantity of gamers.

    My thoughts on it are that it has many reasons for this, but I want to discuss the "formulaic quality" and "saturation" of AAA games that have made them blur together into 1 category people would likely call "meh."

    Any ideas you have on why a game like SDV does it for you over your Call of Dutys and Battlefields would be interesting to read.
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      Thx for the video with the crops :3 do you have something for summer and autumn too? <3
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      • Git Gud Fox

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        That's the goal... at least eventually. I'm still learning how to do this whole make videos thing, so I don't construct them as quickly as a pro.
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          Just listen to people talking in a game like Call of Duty or Battlefield, and then read through these forums for a bit and that should answer your question. Not to be mean to the people screaming into their headsets or anything, but...
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            So you don't like the chest thumping trash talk is what I'm gathering. Tbh, I am always in a private chat when I do multiplayer gaming, so I actually never hear how people act.
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              That and I guess preference. I grew up watching family members play games like Wolfenstein, and was fascinated by them. But when I got to the playing part of it all, the fast-paced, competitive atmosphere and zero time to think and plan out what you're going to do was a huge turnoff for me (and the screaming as well, the trash talk didn't bother me nearly as much as incoherent nonsense being spouted at damaging levels for the sake of spouting it. Maybe I was just unlucky?). I found games like Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, and SDV to be much more relaxed and I could actually stop and think about what would be a better decision to make in terms of what I wanted to do next. This lovely computer screen prevents me from seeing into the lives of other individuals who play either genre of games (or both), but all of the people I personally know who also play SDV or similar games found said games after deciding that games like CoD and Battlefield weren't for them.

              For me personally there's also an underlying repetitiveness in shooters, which I assume is what you were going for given that you specifically mentioned two shooters. At the core of it, you just shoot someone, run around a bit, shoot another person, get killed at some point, and do it all over again. While the same can easily be said about SDV, I find that SDV and the like, although SDV especially, give you many ways to change things up of your own accord, which is something I find games like CoD lack other than changing how you kill people.

              I can get tunnel vision when it comes to shooters, so perhaps I'm not the best person to be replying, but I don't personally know anyone who enjoys both genres (though undoubtedly there are a number of people who do). They're completely different realms as far as I'm concerned, and this realm is where I'm more comfortable and able to enjoy gaming.

              On a different note, I quite enjoy the video you provided. Between the tone of your voice and the images you add throughout, I don't get bored at all while watching.
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                That's a relief. In my head, my voice sounds really word from the exterior. I hear it's because the acoustics inside of your skull cause you to hear the fullness of your voice. On top of that, microphones flatten your voice frequency. I use an equalizer to allow the bass of my voice through more, but hearing other people say my voice is working is definitely good news.

                I think that certainly does give me ideas for follow up videos. The AAA market is only concerned with the largest demographics, leaving people who prefer my cerebral games to the wayside, left to fend for themselves.

                The images originally came up as an idea to cut down on dead space, but I eventually come up with this idea of having the ancient fruit bicker with my logo. I might make it a reoccuring theme where ancient fruit periodically shows up to antagonize my video.
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                    My newest episode is up.

                    Parsnips, Blue Jazz, and Tulip, they're the worst crops for flat profit in the Spring season... but are they useless? That is what this video is all about.

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                      ALRIGHT, I think this video came out pretty good. I am sounding a lot closer to how I do IRL (somehow, talking into a microphone is really hard and makes me sound very stiff). I also composed some simple tunes for the transition scenes and am focusing on being a bit more humorous while still staying on point.

                      In this video, I cover the fundamentals of fishing. I see a lot of fishing guides, but they're mainly about where to fish or how to fish for the legendary fish. I don't see a lot of guides that are literally about developing your personal skill in fishing. That is what this video covers.

                      Here are the points.
                      • The mechanics that reduce the fishing minigame's difficulty. Make fishing easier quickly.
                      • The 3 primary ways to control the fishing bar.
                      • A selection of 4 fish of increasing difficulty to train again to get used to tough fish.

                      If you think I'm getting better, let me know, and if you think this guide was legitimately helpful, share it with your pals who you're going to be playing with in the multiplayer. I feel we're going to get a lot of new blood once the multiplayer goes live and the Vita gets it, so there are gonna be a lot of people who will need advice.

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                        After having company over for a bit, I have created another video. This is likely an element most of you guys already know, but I think it's still worthwhile (and was simple to create) for up and coming players expecting the 1.3 update as well as new Switch and Vita users.

                        Major points
                        • Unless Concerned Ape adds more, there are 7 Stardrops you can grab
                        • This is one of the easier ones you can grab in your first year no problem
                        • Each Stardrop grants a permanant +34 point expansion to your energy bar
                        I personally like the little touch of cutting my voice off directly into the Stardrop sound effect especially because this is the only video (currently) that uses actual in game sounds. All previous videos strictly use the captured footage.

                        If you feel these videos are a bit mundane, I would love to make more philosophical videos discussing opinion based elements in the game, but I need to develop a following who trust my line of thinking before I do something like that.
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                          After ironing out some bizarre screen shaking during the file encoding process, the new Spring themed foraging video is out. My favorite thing about foraging is squeezing out extra mileage from them with a few uses beyond tossing them in the shipping bin. Cunning and resourcefulness are some of my better attributes!

                          Major points
                          • You can do more with forage besides just tossing them into the shipping bin or using them in the community center
                          • I've divided the available forage into 4 groups
                            • Beach forage
                            • Normal every day forage
                            • Special Condition forage
                            • Desert forage
                          • These tactics are most powerful in your first spring, but many can still be used to increase friendship.
                          The short song frames used as intermission themes include a skipping sound effect known as "gating" in music production. You can hear it first in the 2nd intermission. This is the same effect that the song "Sandstorm" by Darude uses to get that rapid skipping note beat in the melody.

                          The more you know!
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                            Okay, I'm going back to fishing in this episode. We're going to work on the "Master Angler" achievement and catch all of the all-season fish including some toughies like the Scorpion Carp, Lava Eel, and some weirdos like the Slimejack and Void Salmon.

                            Major Points
                            • You can catch these fish in any season.
                            • Some of them are hard and rare, so make sure you brush up on your fishing skills.
                            • Some fish have a minimum fishing requirement to bite in the first place.
                            • You need to complete the community center to gain access to certain fish.

                            I think the production quality came out decently, here. I also attempted my first, brief, montage style moment during the Lava Eel fishing.
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                              Took a break during E3, which is something of a yearly gaming holiday for me, but now I'm back and part 2 of the Master Angler series is out. Last time we got the all season fish. This time we're going to hit the Spring season and mop up the fish missed.

                              Major points
                              • Legend is the only Spring exclusive fish
                              • Several fish are weather dependent including both rainy and sunny weather
                              • I wouldn't recommend trying to catch Legend unless you've really gotten the hang of catching difficult fish

                              I wound up having to make this episode twice because audio clipping became a problem, and Adobe Dynamic Link doesn't let you go back to your unlinked state. Now, I make sure I create a duplicate save file for the unlinked version in case I need to go back and fix an error.
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                                Master Angler Part 3 is done, and that means we're pretty close to finishing the collection. This obviously isn't including the new fish featured in update 1.3.

                                Main points
                                • There are a solid amount of Summer season exclusives
                                • Several fish are respectably challenging in this season
                                  • Pufferfish
                                  • Super Cucumber
                                  • Sturgeon
                                  • Dorado
                                  • Crimsonfish (legendary)
                                • Some fish are worth over 200g per catch making Summer solid for profit

                                I confess that I originally hated fishing. It was one of the last skills I maxed out, but now, it is likely one of my favorites.
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                                  MASTER ANGLER 4! Geez, I'm almost done with the fishing series! I also ask a perhaps somewhat... inflammatory question regarding the difficulty of the fishing minigame and the mentality of modding the game to reduce the difficulty of said minigame.

                                  I'll be honest! Fishing in Fall is actually kind of easy, but I have none the less compiled a list of available fish and still personally catch each one of them for demonstration.

                                  Major Points
                                  • There are 3 Fall exclusive fish
                                    • Salmon
                                    • Walleye
                                    • Angler (legendary)
                                  • Most of the fish are fairly easy to catch
                                  • You can catch them all in the ocean and river... no need to go to the lake if you don't want to.

                                  The random game footage I included at the end is from "AirMech Arena" the console version of the more expansive game simply titled AirMech. The console realm has never been a bastion of strategy games and is more or less a dead game; however, its brilliant design is easily the most functional and enjoyable RTS game I have ever played on console, and that's coming from an age old RTS player since the Command & Conquer days!
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                                    NEW ANIMATIONS! Every now and then I push myself to learn more of Adobe After Effects, and I thought some simple animations would make my channel look a little nicer. Let me know what you think of them in the first minute and last minute of the episode.

                                    Master Angler 5, Winter Season highlights!

                                    • There are 4 Winter exclusive fish
                                      • Lingcod
                                      • Perch
                                      • Squid
                                      • Glacierfish (legendary)
                                    • Glacierfish is the second hardest fish in the game and can only be hooked in a specific location
                                    • It is the last chance to get sea cucumbers for gifts and lucky lunch until Fall of next year
                                    • Git Gud Fox

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                                      After a long toiling amount of work, I've finally finished the Master Angler guide. The series should be sufficiently comprehensive that anyone should be able to unlock the Master Angler achievement, no mods needed, provided they're willing to do a bit of learning and practice.

                                      This final episode covers crab pot fishing.

                                      • Crab pots don't differentiate between river and lake locations
                                        • They do catch different things in the ocean though
                                      • You need fishing skill 3 at the minimum to build them
                                      • Material costs can be reduced by specializing in crab pots at level 5
                                      • Not every item caught will be for the Master Angler achievement.
                                      Now that the Master Angler guide is done, I'm going to cover crop profits in each season. I also want to do Fector's Challenge which I've been practicing.
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                                        With the fishing done, I figured it's time to get back to crops.

                                        Major points in the episode

                                        • There are 14 crops in Summer excluding the Ancient Fruit
                                          • Some grow in multiple seasons like the coffee bean
                                        • Most crops are not good for profit
                                          • Some are very good for friendship points
                                          • IE: hot peppers for Lewis and Shane
                                        • While blueberries are not the most profitable crop, they are the highest value crop that is easily accessed even in your first summer
                                        • Git Gud Fox

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                                          After struggling with a massive case of insomnia, I am on the recovering side of it and my motivation is trickling back in. Apologies if I'm not as lively as I could be.

                                          The bullet points.

                                          • There are 14 crops in Fall (15 if you include the ancient fruit)
                                            • 3 crops grow in multiple seasons
                                              • Sunflower
                                              • Corn
                                              • Wheat
                                          • The season is dominated by the sweet gem berry, but it isn't readily available and requires setup to farm en masse
                                          • The remaining crops have a fair to below average value
                                          • Pumpkins are highly versatile
                                            • The favorite gift of 3 characters
                                            • Used in multiple cooking recipes
                                            • Is the objective of a quest for Caroline
                                          • Fairy Rose provides the greatest value for boosting honey at 680g base

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