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Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Mondai, May 28, 2018.

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    First off, I'm sorry this is kind of a wall of text. But it walks through how I tested the bug and how I solved it for my game. Which... I only broke so that I could try to figure out how they were breaking. My hope is that with this information, ConcernedApe will see where the problem is and hopefully be able to easily solve it. Barring that, maybe I can help some other users fix their bugged save files so they can woo the NPC of their dreams. Or just make more friends. :p


    Okay, so I've been spending a lot of time on the Steam Stardew Valley discussion forums since the beta was released (or, since I found out a few days later). There have been a LOT of people making new threads for this issue, and today I decided to see if I could figure out what was causing it. And I think I have.

    Now, as some of you may have found out, this bug seems to only be happening for people who had started their farm before beta was released. More specifically, it seems like it's happening to NPC's that were already given 2 gifts that in-game week before the beta, and then when the player opted in, the game just stopped resetting it.

    I'd like to take a moment to say now that I intentionally broke one of my saves just to test this out, and I got mine working again just by changing one single number in the save file. See, when my save file was broken, I opened it up and found the section of the file where the 2-gifts-per-week limit is saved, and I found this bit of information for the Wizard (who is the character I broke the gifts for):

    I then compared it to Jas' section, as I had only given Jas one gift before opting into beta, and after I confirmed that her single gift wasn't resetting after one week, I got hers to reset without any outside tampering just by giving her a second gift for "that week" and sleeping until the next weekly reset. This is what hers looked like:

    The only significant change I could see to explain why Jas' worked just fine, but the Wizard's didn't, is that before the beta, the game didn't record when you last gave a character a gift. But after opting into the beta, it did. Now this is where I have to guess, but my assumption here is that the game only resets the weekly gift counter if the last gift the NPC had received was "this" week, in-game.

    So, there's 2 possible solutions to this. Either add the "LastGiftDate" tags to the Wizard's code, and make it a date during this week in-game in case it needs to be recent to activate the counter reset... or the much easier solution: Change the "GiftsThisWeek" tag contents from "2" to "1" (or to "0", but I chose to change it to a 1) and save the file. And, SUCCESS! After loading the game back up, I was able to give my second weekly gift to the Wizard. And now that the game knew when I had given him this second gift, after I slept for several more days in-game, it reset itself back down to 0, like a charm, and I was able to gift him another present after it reset!

    So there you have it, guys: If your game is busted and you can't give presents to your honey anymore, you either have to edit your save file, or you have to wait until somebody (If you're reading this, ConcernedApe, heya! :D ) patches the bug. ... Or send me your save files and I can do my best to fix them up.

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