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Discussion in 'Mods' started by katgirl28888, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. katgirl28888

    katgirl28888 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    So, as much as I really like the relationship mechanic in this game, the gift-giving needs a confirmation. I accidentally gave Penny a torch (which she HATED =_=) and Jas a copper ingot I was trying to bring to Marnie for a quest. I would really, REALLY like a confirmation box before you give someone a gift, like you get when you try to go to bed or whatever. Just like, "Would you like to give Abigail this cauliflower?" with a yes or no option. I think it would help immensely, and I'm no modder myself, especially not for this game, but from what I've picked up reading around the forum, it shouldn't be too difficult? If no one else tries in like a month or something I'll probably give it a shot myself, but I doubt anything would ever come of it.
    • mickymoi

      mickymoi Aquatic Astronaut

      I think it's possible right now, but I wouldn't bother making a mod for this until SMAPI is done being reworked. This should definitely be easy to do once SMAPI adds more event hooks, like NPCEvents_GiftReceived or something like that. I'll give it a shot once SMAPI is done being remade, but I'm sure someone else will have made a mod for it by then. :p It's definitely a good idea.

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