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[GIF Heavy] HammerGuy's Challenge Times and Tips

Discussion in 'Challenges' started by HammerGuy, Jul 11, 2014.

  1. HammerGuy

    HammerGuy Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    This is a thread to record my current fastest times, along with some general tips.

    (Current personal fastest times as of July 11th)
    Just The Dungeons - 00:21:48.099
    3 Heart Challenge - 00:27:03.680
    No Sword: Arsonist - 00:21:27.578
    No Sword: Terrorist - 00:20:00.109
    No Sword: Sniper - 00:21:53.581
    I AM ERROR - 00:24: 35.758
    2x Speed Run - 00:18:20.134

    • Turn around immediately if you see the room as a dead end with no item drops; there is a slight tendency for them to turn into trap rooms and you're forced to do a puzzle.
    • Bombs are your most powerful non-secret item but come as a double-edged sword, enemies like to gravitate toward them but their explosion can wreck a person if they are too close. Mastery can make some boss battles go much faster and easier compared to that of the sword.
    • When skeletons become the norm break out the shield and strafe, it may be a bit slower, but it's more reliable and you're more likely to preserve your coveted health.
    • For wizards, hopefully by then you got a level 3 shield to reflect or arrows to dispatch them before they can set fire, they are dangerous in mobs don't get caught in the crossfire of many.
    • Alternatively, for the daring, run up to the enemy and sword them to death, they'll be too stunned to react.
    • Only battle when needed, be it they're directly in path or you're in a combat puzzle room; most the time you can just breeze on by.
    • This might just be a placebo effect, but swimming seems faster than going by foot, swim by when you can.
    • The max capacity of the standard items (arrows and bombs) are currently a high 99; stockpile up when you have the chance and you're set for the rest of the challenge.
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    • tccoxon

      tccoxon Procedurally Generated Programmer

      Impressive times! I don't think I can personally match them, but I'll give it a try with your tips in mind sometime soon.

      I can confirm this - if you hold C when swimming you go about 4/3rds faster than running.

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