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Bug/Issue Ghost walls in ship where door once was

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by SirChuckle, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. SirChuckle

    SirChuckle Space Hobo

    (I've had this username for years, I swear)

    I hope this post isn't too long-winded; I just want to be as thorough as possible for the sake of anyone else experiencing this bug.

    All of this occurred on a laptop running Windows 8.

    I've been playing Starbound for about two weeks now with no issue until today. I've had the fully upgraded human ship for about a week now, with a maximum crew of twelve for the past four or so days. Until today, I hadn't experienced any lag or performance issues at all.

    However, when I was on a friend's server, we noticed that our framerate was dropping when we were on my ship, and we quickly figured out it was because all my npcs were grouping in front of the door on the top of my ship. Since I was using a door hooked up to a proximity scanner, it was open the whole time. Naturally, I thought it was just weird npc pathing, so I just removed the door and scanners, but the invisible block remained. Oddly, I can still interact completely with the background, removing and placing new blocks there, but I can't interact or go through the foreground. This bug is present no matter what server I am in - either in my own singleplayer world, or in any of friend's worlds.

    A few minutes after messing with the first one, the bug reproduced itself with a new invisible wall at a different doorway. However, this time instead of just removing the door, I unwired it to the scanners, and closed and reopened it manually which completely fixed the problem. Attempting to fix the first invisible wall does not work, however, because I can not re-place the door that was originally there.

    Debug mode has shown that the wall is consider part of the ship's exterior. As of yet, I haven't had any new of these walls appear, but I have stopped playing on that character for the time being. I have included a link to an imgur gallery containing images of the glitch.


    Thank-you for your time!
  2. IceCutlass

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