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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by temakixai, Feb 2, 2019.

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    Used to have this problem with one of my worlds and was never able to fix it. Now I'm getting it with my main base.

    I was just hanging out at an avali camp I made, everything was fine as usual, then suddenly got kicked back to my ship and now the entire base I can't go anywhere near or get immediately kicked back to the ship.
    I don't doubt this has something to do with a mod, but I would like to try and find out WHAT exactly is causing it. Be it a mod or a specific element so at least I have an idea of what I need to remove.

    Here's the log for the applicable part.

    I can provide any other info necessary but obviously "remove the mods and it'll be fixed!" won't work since it's a base built primarily from modded content. Just need to find out what element is actually causing this crash
    but I can't seem to figure it out just based off this log.

    If anyone has more experience with log files and can help me wrap my head around it that'll be great!
  2. JT`

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    I'm not at all sure what mod is the bad mod, but it appears that one of your mods is overwriting a .lua file which is attempting to set an "effect" parameter on a .lua scripted object. The scripted object does not like this, and is crashing the world.

    I don't think this is relevant, but this is a problem too:
    Finding the culprit, unfortunately, is extremely difficult. You'd have to have all of the mods unpacked and would have to scan for all .lua files and all .patch files containing the word "effect". If there are two files of the same name that edit the same Lua file, there is a strong likelihood they are incompatible with each other.

    If your base is Avali and contains only Avali objects, it's almost certainly something else that's modifying the Avali mod, since Avali Triage doesn't have any scripts.
  3. temakixai

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    Then I wonder if it's Avali plus or something else that alters avali stuff.
    though TBH I'm not sure if it's an Avali object at all.
    I should probably mention this is also a world I imported over from an old universe and replaced a world existing here. (as explored in this thread from earlier:
    So I guess any number of things could be happening. It's just weird that I was perfectly able to run around the world and the base fine and now suddenly it's broken.
    The only thing is just before this started happening I'd built a little underground gardening room with the avali aerophonics tube things in the first tent which is pretty close to where the crash was happening but that shouldn't have caused a problem at all. There were already thse objects here. Don't think I planted anything I hadn't done yet either.
    See I had a problem like this once with an older world- ... actually no, it was in this camp also! in the next tent over I'd had a little underground area with beds and a little lift and somehow there was a problem crashign the game there. I'd managed to jsut barely and slowly creep up and actually mien outside of the screen and somehow got rid of whatever was causing a crash.
    I could try do that now but it's hard without knowing exactly what's causing it or where it is.
  4. temakixai

    temakixai Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I feel like this part is important
    Is that not it?

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