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    The old couple of Stardew Valley, George and Evelyn, were always two of my favorite characters from the get-go. Unfortunately I found their dialogue to be very repetitive due to the fact there wasn't much of it. So I took it upon myself to solve the problem and try to give these two wrinkled old prunes the depth they deserve.

    Thus was created this mod, George & Evelyn Developed, which features:

    -Dozens of new lines each, for each season and various heart levels
    -A bit of info on the character's youth and how things were back in their day
    -Sage wisdom in the form of farming tips
    -Grumbling about the weather
    -Talking about their favorite grandson more

    Download and unzip the main file into your Mods folder within the Stardew Valley directory and enjoy!



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      already downloaded ^^
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        The mod has been updated to 1.1, featuring 64 new lines of dialogue and six new recipes sent via mail! Check the mod page for further details.
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