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Bug/Issue Geode rewards duplicated

Discussion in 'Support' started by MarissaBlackwing, Aug 25, 2018.

  1. MarissaBlackwing

    MarissaBlackwing Void-Bound Voyager

    This has definitely been mentioned before (and on other platforms, recently) but I'm put this out specifically for the Nintendo Switch version, as a reminder that this has not been fixed.

    When opening geodes - specifically Magma geodes, for some reason I don't see this happen with other types - they tend to get 'stuck' giving exact same result 3-5 times in a row. This happens quite often regardless of day or daily luck, far too much to be mere coincidence. This makes it more difficult to get decent minerals out of magma geodes, as they are constantly getting stuck on already-common drops.

    After digging around a bit, this seems to have been a known issue (among players, anyways) for quite some time, with some posts on line being well over a year or two in age, but I haven't seen any acknowledgement of the issue by anyone other than the players dealing with this issue themselves.

    I can't confirm how many other platforms it affects (I've seen some similar posts for the vita version recently) but this is is definitely occurring on the Switch version. Please add this to the list of issues for the Switch version so that maybe it can finally be looked at and hopefully fixed.
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    • Patolord

      Patolord Intergalactic Tourist

      Same problem, it makes so hard to get 60 donations at the museum
      • Gandalor 75

        Gandalor 75 Star Wrangler

        Same here, I can confirm that this happens across multiple files in my Switch.

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