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Pixel General Nuclears no longer unused robots and ohter drawing(now taking requsets only one at the time)

Discussion in 'Art' started by General Nuclear, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Oxygen Tank

    Road 1 2'5,1 better scaleing.png

    I finally figured out how to draw in one point perspective thanks to @Faeryheart 's helpi just have to follow the lines of a dot.

    i also found some helping videos which i again would never have found if it wheren't for @Faeryheart so thank you very much again Faeryheart

    I also looked up a few channels on how to make a point and click for tips and advises

    also a memo to myself the bigger the building the more the zoom out. also keep on trucking!

    I guess i have to make the game into a sort of a Detective game too seeing on how one of the main goals if you choose that goal of finding your owner and get back to he or she or who ever it is.

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  2. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Oxygen Tank

    I want the game to be a little like the hitman games but without the focus on killing and too much sneaking.
    But also have the focus on the art of repetition because you know a game is good if you want to play it over and over again even thought you have already won it.
    also instead of killing i rather focue on pranking the unfortunately npcs thats in your way like in neighbors from hell to keep them distracted or just to mess with them. By messing with their routines and boobytrapping items they are using.

    Like you can walk everywhere and even among the humans even thought your a wanted robot for being self aware, but then again people don't know that unless you act suspiciously in their present.
    Of course self aware robots aren't illegal everywhere so you can walk freely and act as weridly as you want in some areas or any area for that matter as long as there is no humans witness there or if you got a good excuse for what your doing or why your in that area your not suppose to be in.

    Like you can lie and say that your owner wanted to know something about lets say this coffee shop that you walked and he sent you because he couldn't for some reason. then you have a good excuse for being there in the first place because why would a robot enter a coffee shop in the first place. so you can walk instead of sneaking in there. to get that item you needed then throw it out the window when nobody is looking.

    Memo to self >Make a small scenario for my game first< to learn the programing like say help a cat down a tree.

    second memo to self write my memos in thick letters because i keep forgetting where i put them and where to look.
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  3. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Oxygen Tank

    i can't really show my progress here because its in game maker.

    General nuclear close up big.png

    I did however draw a close up on general nuclear's face which i can show, Because there where some errors on the other drawings i made of him from that side.

    Attached Files:

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  4. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Oxygen Tank

    Haven't made any progress on my game today with programing and such but i have been drawing more sprites.

    bips looking upwards.png

    The only way for bips to actually look upwards is to stand like this.
    For those that wonder how he is not falling, its because he have giant Gyrostabilisator in his chest. look up gyroscope if you don't know what it is.

    bips on a skateboard.png

    i want to have different means of transportation so i am gonna try and add bikes, skateboards, cars, bus's and such.

    memo to self the black line around cartoon characters are called outline.

    I should make a robot character that is captain obvious with everything that are happing.
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  5. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Oxygen Tank

    Haven't been able to work on my game lately but i have been thinking more on how i am gonna make it.

    In the meanwhile i need some more requests to get my drawing sense back in shape so anyone want a drawing?

    also i think i am gonna go for the NEO Scavenger, diablo style tetris inventory. so you will have to find containers to store or hide your items then stack them by hand or in this case claws.

    'Side note to my self' Holy Sh*t i almost erased all the item sprites in my game by saving one of the images over it. Note to self be more carefull.

    Reminder to self make sprites for bips, cletus, and nameless holding and using every item.
    write a list of all key functions for every item.
    and work on rooms and areas.
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  6. Faeryheart

    Faeryheart Pangalactic Porcupine

    Attached Files:

  7. Sparklink

    Sparklink Pangalactic Porcupine

    My advice, you should save each edit you make to the item sprites as different files, archive your sprite sheets. Saving all revisions allows you to go back over your past works or recover them if it turns out you prefer an older version; six words that save you from an unhappy accident "back-up back-up back-up!"

    You seem to be a fan of robots how about my Glitchian character? If you would like some reference material I can provide an extra image or two showing off my character (avatar) without the sword in the way of him. The sword I have right now is not the sword I usually have. Usually I have the Master Sword from the Legend of Zelda series, but I had this weapon sitting among the files collecting virtual dust and decided to give it a little love (I have more weapons than you would think that I simply made because I was bored and uninspired.)
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  8. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Oxygen Tank

    I have everything at in one file with old and new spirtes in a huge mess because its always been the easiest way for me to work on sprites since then i can just scroll a bit down to look at the previous sprites or copy things from them.
    I know its like working at a gass station while your smoking next to the pumps but it helps me focus.

    Also I only take one request at the time and since faeryheart asked first then i am gonna take her request first.
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  9. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Oxygen Tank

    Birth of George Washing Machine!.png

    So i was working on a Npc when @Faeryheart gave me a idea And Poff! George washing machine! was born!

    what do you all think? legs or belt wheel legs?

  10. The Purple Dragon

    The Purple Dragon Master Astronaut

    I feel like the legs would be better for comedic purposes.
  11. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Oxygen Tank

    Ok thats 4 for legs and one for belt legs it is then.
    Besides then i can make him dance also walk up stairs

    George Washing Machine..png

    not quite sure about his color also i though about maybe stealing designs from toy washing machines since the other robots are based on toys but i shorta like it as just a freaking washing machine with legs too.


    Just have to remake this comic scene with cletus i found while look for inspiration at pictures of old school robots on google.
    i don't know what to put it in but it would probably be a quest about stoping someone from escaping

    *its the circle, the circle, The circle of Axe*
    I made a new axe item
    its actually a alternative item for a mission about a woman and a cat stuck in a tree.
    I thought i might as well start somewhere so i might as well choose something easy but then again nothing shall ever be easy for our robots. anyway in one part of the game there is a woman that requests your help with getting down her cat from a tree and as a sentient robot pretending your not. you have to accept this request of help by the robot code or get caught being sentient by refusing.

    so i figure there should be numerous of ways to do this. so for ones you could try to help her get her cat down by getting a ladder and climb up (because shes afraid of heights to climb up her self) and just try to pull it off the branch but that will make the cat panic and clawing furious at you making you lose balance and fall down. because this is a point and click after all.
    this leads you to finding a way to calm down the cat by giving it some tuna on a can or try to get the cat to you by maybe finding some cat treats or improvise by making a fake cat treat bag and shake it to stimulate the sound to make it come to you.
    or you can just go full bone head and try to chop down the tree (that will not end well) which way you make the fall tree makes for a different disaster. inspired by a Russian gif with some bone heads trying a whole lot things before finally just chopping the whole damn tree down which again doesn't end well.



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  12. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Oxygen Tank

    I think i have figured out a name for my game now about Journey of the vagabond machines. or dos dylans ideas sound better? Wayward Robots, Roaming Robots or Vagabond Automatons?
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  13. The Purple Dragon

    The Purple Dragon Master Astronaut

    I like Vagabond Automatons. It rhymes, and you could probably do the two words in different fonts.
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  14. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Oxygen Tank

    For a point and click game that is all about choice matter and freedom i just must have really stupid and really embarrasing death scenes and punishments for all of the characters for being a complete dumbass.

    Ok maybe not all of the dumb decisions are lethal or as lethal as killing a robot can be, anyway you are gonna regret them or laugh of your own mistakes or what ever.

    One none lethal thing i have come up as a punishment for digging around in trash cans as every player ever have ever don ever since they first figured out that there might be free loot in them.

    Anyway digging around in trash cans or picking up very dirty items will make your characters claws dirty which will prevent you from getting many vital items you need to complete tasks.

    So you might figure out that the most clever thing to do is to wash your claws clean again from all the unspeakable things you have touched down there in the trash.
    so find a sink splash some soap on and wash the dirt off,
    As Good as new you might think or i can't believe that actually worked for a second because after a few seconds of washing animation you will start seeing sparks shooting everywhere from your claw hands.
    Turns out your not as water prof as you though and hurray now you have short circuited your claws so you can't pick up any items anymore.

    which forces you to find someone that can fix them which shouldn't be hard unless you have pissed them off which again should teach you not to piss of people, Or find a way to finish the game without picking up items anymore.

    Anyway there should be a way to clean your claws without short circuit which should to use some alcohol soaked tissue which would kill off 99% of all the bacterias, and maybe i put in a joke about the 1% bacteria.

    Anyway what do you people think?
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  15. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Oxygen Tank

    Tried to make a wrench animation for the wrench item.
    and i have plans on making animations for every item being used in my game


    Wrench movement 0.png

    I thought cletus looks like left here on the picture from above but turns out after working on the measurements on the falling cletus movement that its actually more like the right one.



    i have also been thinking on how items should work since they have multipurposes and how they will be seen by npcs in your possession but i am not finish drawing all of the games items yet. so i think i am gonna add them in categories.
    its inspired by how scribblenauts made their endless list of items work.
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  16. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Oxygen Tank

    Finally found this again and it actually brings up a lot of takes i want to make with my game.

    A Look at logical fallacies.png

    Saw this for a year ago and forgot to save it, But i finally found it again now, And it pretty much sums up all the problems developers have with the writing on the ''heros'' we often play as in games, and their ''logic'' when it comes to their actions and dialogue options.

    This is also what inspired me for the personality on the robot terrorist organization group for my game.
    And nothing is more Either/Or when it comes to computers, robots and programing because a program only do what it have been programed to do or think.
    The biggest plot twist with the sentient robot terrorist organization is that they are not sentient anymore when they give into the robot terrorist leaders commands and will, And he will eventually think for them entirely.

    (Just to make it clear this is not based on religious views, Because a lot of religions encourages you to think for yourself and on how your actions effect others, You must do what you think is right as long as it dos not go our over others, And you shall not force your beliefs on others but rather share them if they are interested in hearing about them. says almost all religions, but then again there have been power sick extremist versions of all religions which are not follow its religions fundamental rules. Even atheists have a power sick extremist version of it self which is communism which also aren't following its own fundamental rules)
    We are who we choose to be throughout our actions and so are others.

    Anyway So many times have we been force to go with the red robot's logic when it comes to our characters actions and dialogs in a lot of games on an attempt to forcefully to tell a story, rather then making making us a part of the story.
    Most times with the dreaded control locked cut scenes and invisible walls or lack of options to choose.
    Sometimes developer genuinely thinks like that and that that is the best outcome from their stand point, and other times are they just overseeing important details because of deadlines or sometimes stress and sometimes they simply don't think about it.
    But somethings should be very obvious like murder, maltreatment and power sickness. we shouldn't have to do these actions in games if we know where it leads us just for the sake of a story. make multiply storys in one story if you want to teach us about this or make someone else in these storys do these actions .

    The best way to learn is to learn from others mistakes, But then even then we make mistakes even when we do know this because we are only humans,
    We are living beings with flaws and mistakes but we can work on our flaws and we can get help with our flaws, which is not always as easy as it sounds and some times really really hard. nothing in this world is perfect and neither will this world ever be perfect. But we can make it better for us all no matter what your stances are as long as we are being considerate of others.

    There is a old saying from the 30s 40s or 50s (i don't remember which area)
    Anyway that gos ' Technology and machinery is only as good as the man who made it' its not entirely right for many reasons but it have some truth to it, just like the saying that gos 'You are what you eat' we are not literally what we eat but we are built out of the stuff we take from it. Anyway you get the point the same gos out on the video games we make in certain ways. We put a lot of our self in when we write a story and our views on the world, and sometime those views aren't always right. Even i have to admit do a lot of mistakes and sometimes takes the wrong side. And sometimes the right side are neither of the sides shown to us.
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  17. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Oxygen Tank

    Finally figured out the long term goals for each of the playable robots now.
    Since we need something to push us into a direction when starting playing a game and we can't just spawn out of no where.
    But seeing on how i want my game to have full freedom over our choices then you can just change these long term goals when ever you want, Or even pick up on one of the other robots goals instead if you want to.

    • Bips are after figuring out who he is and where his owner is or finding a new better owner.
    • Cletus is after finding a goal since he is only built to work and a reason to go on or simply some tasks to preform since he is basically indestructible and have nothing better to do.
    • Legs is after fame and recognition.
    • And nameless are trying to redeem himself since he is a previous forced member of the terror bots that or he is just wanted for some stuff.
    As well some other serious goals.
    and other much less serious and ridicules goals like trying to become a pirate or become the greatest chef ever even thought you can't taste at all. (inspired by the fact that many cooking minigames in point and click games often seen as more fun then the rest of the game)
    or even try to become a cowboy or a knight just for the heck.

    Another idea i had is that you can meet all your previous robot characters you played as wondering around doing all kind of random stuff like you would have.
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  18. theflamingchuthulu

    theflamingchuthulu Poptop Tamer

    The one on the far right looks like an upgraded Cylon! These are awesome, and I personally think that the hylotl one should be the mech for Starbound. Keep up the good work! :up:
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  19. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Oxygen Tank

    Now i know where to get more dance moves for my robots and human npcs so i can work on movement limps on my characters for all the animations.
    I also guess that i could maybe put in a dance dance revolution mini game too seeing on how i am planing on making a lot of silly dances moves for my characters for practicing moving animations for my game.


    I also promised @Nibolas O Anelbozas that i would add a lot of hats and silly things you can wear on your head in my game.
    The main reason to wear anything at your head at all is so you can have your hand/claws free to hold other objects, but most of the humans would most likely be suspicious on why you are wearing that at all.


    i have also been testing a bit one of my human npcs facial expressions during conversations.
    He is the hotel director for the robot hotel and will be mighty angry if he finds you snooping around, messing with stuff and braking things there.
    He is based off squidward and the hotel director from home alone 2.


    I have also resized the bellhop bot and i am planning on maid bot and a waiter bot and a chef robot.

    also made a suitcase item.

    and some food items you can't eat since your a robot but you can try.


    and i have been able to work on some new body types for my human npcs.
    and want to have people of all sizes, cultures and races in my game.

    other wise i have not been able to particularly work on my game a lot since i have had to help around in our old house that we are gonna sell.

    Just adding this bike progress since i used who knows how long on drawing the bike pedal gear because i for some reason just had to make it look authentic i just couldn't have don it with damn circle. some times its a real pain to be perfectionist.
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