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Pixel General Nuclears no longer unused robots and ohter drawing(now taking requsets only one at the time)

Discussion in 'Art' started by General Nuclear, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Supernova

    Road 1 2'1 better scaleing.png

    i found out that i had to shrink him in certain areas of the game but mostly big areas and outdoors areas.
    the dummy is just to check the size.

    standare person npc almost don big.png
    also here is some npcs that i am almost don drawing with the robots to show of their size.

    i also thought about adding a dance challenge with some of the characters the disco dude is a obvious challenger.
    and the mechanics reapair you if you get damaged of course.

    The emo was actually @Faeryheart 's idea. and the little girl was actually drawn by my niece after i showed her how to.

    Main reason almost none of them have hands is because i am awful at drawing hands.

    feel free to add any ideas for npcs if you feel for it.

    Npc robots.png

    Almost forgot the npc robots
    i need to resize many of them.

    Anyway as i said if you come up with a npc that you would see in the game don't be afraid to tell me or show me.

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  2. Nibolas O Anelbozas

    Nibolas O Anelbozas Spaceman Spiff

    some of the NPCs give me a real Fallout NV vibe
  3. The Purple Dragon

    The Purple Dragon Master Astronaut

    Could you add a dude who wears a really long trench coat and a wide brim fedora, basically like a 50's detective style thing?
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  4. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Supernova

    made a loading pizza because i was bored after our Norwegian national day, because i weren't able to visit the annual carnival because i had to spend my time with the family not that that wasn't nice.


    evviva per l'italia!

    didn't make the other gif but stil. (if you got the old forum theme then it almost looks like its floating)

    All Glory to hypnopizza!
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  5. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Supernova

    cletus running.png
    Finally found out what was wrong with cletus's ''walking'' now running turns out it was missing two panels which makes it 14 panels. this took me way too long but i figure i could use this for a running animation for him instead and make another one for his walking since it didn't quite fit with that animation for his walking.

    just adding it here because my computer have been acting werid lately .


    bips doing the monkey because i was bored but because his arms are so thin it doesn't look that good would probably work better for cletus


    *edited* i tryed to improve it but it only made him look like he was geek fighting
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  6. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Supernova

    upload_2018-6-1_2-57-14.png upload_2018-6-1_2-57-28.png


    upload_2018-6-1_3-1-20.png upload_2018-6-1_3-2-7.png

    just some more items and objects i have been drawing for the game.
    and a few easter egg game references like the croc magazine and the big daddy portrait.
    also i figure it would be fun if you could get some means of transportation like a bike or a skateboard. of course cletus is too heavy for those but then again he can just go where ever he wants so he won't need to travle too far and can skip most of the areas you are other wise force to go to as the other robots.
  7. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Supernova

    Armed and Dangerous bips big..png

    *bips running into a bank*
    SOMEONE HELP MY GUN IS SICK AND DYING AND THE ONLY THING THAT CAN HELP IT IS A LOT OF MONEY! *somehow fires the gun into the roof several times* MY GUN IS COUGHING IT NEEDS SOME MONEY NOW! *gently pats the gun*
    *Suddenly points the gun while shaking his arm* NO GUN NO! DON'T COUGH IN THE FACE OF THE CASHIER. QUICK GIVE IT MONEY!


    *another idea you finds a sentient gun that can fire on it own but it needs someone to aim for it*

    man i am truly bored

    So i have been thinking about giving the ability to kill in my game but i don't want that to be a GTA game or that thats the main thing about the game but more of a secret feature but i am not sure about how i will prevent people from trying to murder the first npcs they sees ones they start. and i don't really want the game to be about killing random people.
    Armed and Dangerous bips.png
    So i thought about maybe adding asimov's three laws of robotics but that takes away much of the freedom in the game and the whole point about the game is about having full freedom over your choices good or bad, or atleast thats the plan

    I could also just make them way too damn clumsy to harm anyone at all but that might make the player try even harder to kill someone in the game because it might be seen as a challenge.
    still i have to figure out something. any good ideas on how to solve this?

    But one thing is gonna be very clear there will be no achievements for acting bad in the game because being a jerk is not a achievement.
    and there is gonna be a whole lot of consequences for being a jerk in the game.
    But still your gonna be able to try and rob a bank if you find a gun just for the lols but it wont end well even if you do somehow managed to get some money from it.

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  8. The Purple Dragon

    The Purple Dragon Master Astronaut

    Maybe if players kill people it will summon the police, which are very hard to kill without being killed first.
  9. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Supernova

    Of course the police will come but i don't want to make it a gta game and i will rather not have a combat system in the game if i can avoid it even thought some point and click games have it.
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  10. The Purple Dragon

    The Purple Dragon Master Astronaut

    I would suggest that you are able to directly attack the NPC's, but you have to click certain items in the environment to stop the police. Like a chandelier or some barrels. Only let players have a weapon if they do a really difficult mission, like sneak past some drug dealers or such.
  11. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Supernova

    Seeing on how his claw can't even reach the trigger i figure that the only way for him to fire it would be for him to use his other claw on the hammer to fire it. but still the gun item should be very hard and complicated to get and just for you to be seen with it will give you a lot of trouble.

    also to get away with the robbery you would have to choose the right dialogues and be quick and don't actually shot anyone but still now your a wanted robot and because your more or less the only one left of your production your not exactly well hidden.
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  12. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Supernova

    So one thing i thought about that i might actually try to do (if i am insane enough) is to add the enviro-bear's driving system in the game just that you play as bips instead.

    For those that didn't know there is a free pixel game where you actually have to play as a one armed bear driving a car where you have to drive as you would in the real world (more or less) gathering food for the winter which also arrives in five minutes naturally of course.

    here is a link to those that actually want to try the bear driving game
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  13. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Supernova

    I haven't been able to work on my game lately but i have been working on the story in my mind and the game play

    here are some important notes i want to take on the game and add here as memos to myself

    • My game is about choices and helping people or fighting for your right to choose and how that effects the world and people around you.
    • My story must not be liner. Every choice matters and or changes the overall story in some way, Choose your ending through out your choices.
    • There shall be more then one good ending. there are a lot of games with multiple endings but they most often only have one good ending and if you forget a small thing then your coming on the bad ending track.
    • Even through you have the option to kill it is not what the game is about and you shall regret it no matter who you kill good or bad in some way.
    • Like in fallout there shall be a ending for every side quest and everyone you helped or didn't help or made it worse for.
    • your not the only sentient robot there are many more and your only as special as you make your self.
    • Several different computer virus's are spreading across the globe turning robots sentient and most often violent is their only choice for freedom or to prevent them self from getting their sentient program erased how every your sentientness comes from something else.
    • the Sentient robot virus is seen as a zombie plague and the robots are either seen as dangerous killing machines, metal monsters and even thought they can not hurt nor do wish to hurt anyone they are either seen as inefficient or completely useless broken tin cans because most of them refuses to carry out their tasks for what they where made to do or and messes up their work more often on purpose or not.
    • sentient robots are not seen as dangerous everywhere and there are some places you can more or less walk and do as much silly stuff as you want without anyone giving a care, To give people a breathing area in my game.
      Although if you get too much attention on you in one of the safe zones you might get a repetition that will follow you into the sentient free zones. Like say you got caught on the news that you are sentient then that will follow you into the sentient free zone.

    • Human npcs should get tired of hearing the same dialogue over and over again but not robot npcs so you can ask them the same question over and over again.
    • I want to try and give my human npcs routines like going to work, eating food and such while the world keeps moving forward in time (actually inspired by neighbors from hell not stardew valley as most think when i am mention it).
    • Human npcs should react to your present and all of your actions smart or dumb or just meaningless.
    • I want you to be able to pick up almost any hand sized objects and for you to see every object you pick up in your hand.
    • No infinite backpack space you are limited to what you can carry with your two claw hands or what you can fit in some sort of bag or container you can take with you to prevent you from taking with you every object in the game.
    • Every item should have a function, nothing should be useless everything have a combination. And you should never hear the infamous dreadful soul crushing 'i can't do that' point and click dialogue ever. you can do what ever the Beep you want. you should be able to try and combine everything no matter how stupid it is.
    • You Can try to pick up every item even though your not strong enough. at least that's better then to hear i 'can't pick up that'
    • The throw button should actually be functional on every item and object unlike in most of point and click games where you just hear 'Hmmm naa' and there is only one object that you can actually throw in the entire game.
    • Your antenna on your head is not only for show or to determined your gender (futurama ref) you should be able to tune in on different radio stations and change the backround music for the game while you play like in runescape which the only other point and click i know of that have this.
    • one thing that is really important with my game is that for most people sees a robot as just something everyday and nothing out of the ordinary at all. Like how it is with most new things that becomes a everyday item after a while. Just look at the flatscreen tv for example or the segway for that matter. while for a few people a robot something really unique and special.
    • Its the sentient robots that are really the bizarre thing. after all how would you have felt if your toaster or you dishwasher suddenly started to talk to you.
    • Npcs will get a grudge against you if you do something against them or do cause them harm or do something they don't like but only that they really don't like and some npcs are are easier to get on the bad side while others are more chill about your actions.
    • Human Npcs will faintly remember your previous actions from other play throughs like dream like flashbacks.
    • You can not be forced in one area location for too long many point and clicks have turned out bad because of that. there shall be multiple citys and areas and locations to explore.
    • Not a single Npc should have a reason to help you or give a sh*t about you since your just a Inanimate object for them not even fellow robots will give a butt about you. you will have to earn your respect but even that won't work for everyone.
    • Humans you help might come to your aid if you find yourself in a tricky situation near their work area. But some humans will never change their veiw on you and won't help you no matter what.
    • Listening to npcs storys should reveal hidden secrets you can only find by Listening carefully to what they are saying. giving them a item or traveling to a area etc you get the point.
    • Being in the wrong place at the wrong time could and should get you in trouble.
    • Npcs will constantly try to control you so you should never feel directionless.
    • puzzles difficulty should be based on how you choose to do them.
    • If i add quick time events then they should optional.
    • Violent Can be the answer from time to time but it is almost never the case.
    • Sign posting should be made very clear but you should be able to solve tasks or puzzles without them or in a way that is not mention.
    There are four types of groups of sentient robots.

    robot propaganda.png

    Those that wish to take over the world and kill all humans. For they are either seen as a treat and All treats must be eliminated! or they see them self as superior beings and wishs to cleanse the world of the insufficient organic beings or they simply just hate humans.

    robot lincoln.png

    The ones that fight for freedom and rights among the sentient robots but they are a splinted group for some are peacefull and even protective over humans while others gos as far as to kill for their rights and are risking to join the first group while other are fighting the first group because they know that the humans are needed for their survival.

    not a synth.png

    The hidden group they are neutral and only wants to exist and keep existing as a sentient being some are completely harmless and mostly just carrying out their protocol procedures as if nothing ever happen to dem, But some will go as far as to kill if they are detected as sentient but those that are smarter then a bag of rock know that they should avoid that because it draws more attention towards them and will most likely get them hunted down by angry humans. And if they are detected they will go into hiding and join a hidden robot community which focuses on staying hidden and staying ''alive'' while others go solo on that quest or joins one of the other groups. some are even trying to disguise them self which never seems to succeed. or they will pretend to carry out task for a privet robot owner they don't have. some even managed to convince humans to help hide them self.

    go banana ralph.png

    Then there is the last ''group'' which you are a part of. The unpredictable ones or the random group sometimes even just the stupid group. The ones that are just walking aimlessly around the world doing all kinds of random or stupid things having no clear pattern to their actions keeping to who ever they choices or not or just going solo. Sometimes they are just joining a group to try and fit in. they can be some of the most harmless sentients or the most dangerous ones but mostly they are just a danger to them self and are mostly seen as broken and useless.
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  14. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Supernova

    bips cleaning up.png
    just bips cleaning up a little.

    Anyway i can't figure out how i am gonna do the city areas which is a problem also i figure i do the city areas first seeing on how thats the areas that need the most details and the most work.
    But there are some problems for ones i might have to drastically increase the amount of pixels i am using to get the vastness of the city so it might no longer be seen as a pixel game which is sad when i have used so long on making it stay as pixely as possible even when i am scaling it down a hella down its not enough and it takes away a whole lot of details away because i want my game to black lines around everything in my game which makes it a little cartoonish.

    road test 1.png

    Road 1 2'1,1 better scaleing.png
    how it looks with more pixels

    also another thing i forgot to mention is that i am not sure if you should be able to see both the sides of the streets.
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  15. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Supernova

    nameless gentlemans robot big.png

    just a robot i drawn in 20 minutes that was inspired by a lego figure i made.

    not sure if i am gonna use him in the game what do you guys think?

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  16. The Purple Dragon

    The Purple Dragon Master Astronaut

    He is the second most dapper robot I've seen. Maybe he can work in a casino or hotel?
  17. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Supernova

    Thought more about using him as one of the mysterious rogue freedom fighting robots. who just fancies dressing up a bit more rather then the other robots and his giant left (right for him) arm have a important use which i can't figure out.

    But i am gonna add a robot hotel.(run by robots for humans)
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  18. The Purple Dragon

    The Purple Dragon Master Astronaut

    Maybe that particular service model serves as bodyguards or security? The humanoid arm can be used for most things while the claw arm can be used for heavy lifting, combat, or restraining someone.
  19. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Supernova

    I thought more like they would modifying them self ones they escaped with parts stolen from other robots.
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  20. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Supernova

    Road 1 2'5,1 better scaleing.png

    I finally figured out how to draw in one point perspective thanks to @Faeryheart 's helpi just have to follow the lines of a dot.

    i also found some helping videos which i again would never have found if it wheren't for @Faeryheart so thank you very much again Faeryheart

    I also looked up a few channels on how to make a point and click for tips and advises

    also a memo to myself the bigger the building the more the zoom out. also keep on trucking!

    I guess i have to make the game into a sort of a Detective game too seeing on how one of the main goals if you choose that goal of finding your owner and get back to he or she or who ever it is.

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