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Pixel General Nuclears no longer unused robots and ohter drawing(now taking requsets only one at the time)

Discussion in 'Art' started by General Nuclear, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. Crossfang

    Crossfang Supernova

    Doing some poses for your bot ,I see. Looks good to me!
    Take all the time you need, no pressure here , m'boy. xD
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  2. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Supernova

    any one here bips.png
    (anyone here?)
    just a lazy edit nothing new sorry.

    anyway if anyone wants a single pictured art picture then feel free to request. (the more inspired i am the better the quality. am pretty unfair like that sorry)
    i need something to inspire me to keep drawing.

    (gonna continue on the comics as soon as i get my inspiration back)
  3. Crossfang

    Crossfang Supernova

    I woul like to request something but. It would e too greedy. xD

    I wish I have something to inspire you....hmmm...
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2017
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  4. The Purple Dragon

    The Purple Dragon Master Astronaut

    I could request something!

    Can you do a robot wizard sort of thing?
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  5. Omicron445

    Omicron445 Pangalactic Porcupine

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  6. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Supernova

    So Yarr in the Need of a Wizard are Ye now?! EHEhehehehe!
    arch mage nuclear big.png

    arch mage nuclear.png
    ZHAZAM! Suckers!* suddenly magic explosion BOOM!* Respect yar unfriendly Nuclear neighbor wizard and be nice to each other or am gonna have to Open Can Of! AlAKAZAM! * suddenly magic explosion BAAM!* At Yar Ass! or ABRACADABRA!* suddenly many magic explosion BOOM! BAAM! BUUM!* ya right into the next month! HOCUS POCUS!MOTHERFU*BEP*s! *suddenly magic explosion summons a microphone POFF!* ARCH MAGE NUCLEAR OUT! *drops microphone on the floor it explodes into a magic smoke ball and the wizard is gone in the smoke*

    omicron's request.png
    every time i see your avatar it always looks like his thinking about something and couldn't help thinking it was missing a pose. its not don by the way

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Aug 17, 2017
  7. Crossfang

    Crossfang Supernova

    Dat is some fine work there! Wahaha! Now I know what Gen's picture if he were a wiz! xD

    Explosion magic!

  8. Omicron445

    Omicron445 Pangalactic Porcupine

    M a g n i f i c e n t.

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  9. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Supernova

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  10. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Supernova

    omicron's request.png
    um what are actually his hair color or is he bald?
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  11. Crossfang

    Crossfang Supernova

    If I remember correctly, it's black
  12. Omicron445

    Omicron445 Pangalactic Porcupine

    Dark-ish brown, I'll make sure to include that in my references next time. If you need any more details, just ask. Other than that, it's looking amazing!
  13. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Supernova

    omicron's request.png
    almost don i don't know what he should be siting on thought.
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  14. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Supernova

    omicron thinking.png
    its more or less don i couldn't figure out what kind of backround i would use so i didn't take any sorry
    also sorry that i took so long.
  15. Rex Blackbeak

    Rex Blackbeak Ketchup Robot

    That's so coooool! (☆▽☆)
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  16. Omicron445

    Omicron445 Pangalactic Porcupine

    That looks awesome! I love the way you did the goggles! It's fine that you took your time with it, my overshirt isn't the most fun thing to draw anyways.
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  17. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Supernova

    bips poses.png
    just some more poses from bips


    just siting here on this box minding my own business.

    *sees a guy at a bar hitting on a woman then gets slaped* hmm this must be something humans do *copys his pose and trys the same *beep boop baap* how do you do *gets slaped too* .

    beep boop fighting.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2017
  18. Nibolas O Anelbozas

    Nibolas O Anelbozas Spaceman Spiff

    Oh yeah, getting slapped by women is like a sport u_u
  19. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Supernova

    bips walking animation.png
    gonna try and make another gif with bips of him walking.

    IT IS ALIVE!!!

    maybe i make that game after all.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2017
  20. Nibolas O Anelbozas

    Nibolas O Anelbozas Spaceman Spiff

    Look at him go!! walking like a champs
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