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    Gemini Corp is a new manufacturer of quality (though cheap) Starships.
    Currently we only manufacture small ships such as fighters and frigates, though we will manufacture larger ships once we gain enough capital and the support of a mining company.

    On the homeworld we were a popular manufacturer of other vehicles such as cars and motorcycles. Once the secret of space travel was discovered we began to manufacture our very own starships and even a orbital military base at one point. However when our world was destroyed with an unexpected attack we were forced to flee to the, at that time, almost destroyed military base. We were able to repair most of the damage and we are now able to manufacture the ships you see in our catalogue.

    1. There will be no price negotiations.
    2. We do not accept any sort of bribes.
    3. The ships built must not purposefully cause civilian deaths.

    - Support from a a Mining Company.
    - Clients
    - Logo maker.

    These are the current ship designs that are available to clients.

    GC "Wasp": This ship is a light, nimble fighter that's useful for interception. Great in large squadrons. Named for the Wasp's quickness and viciousness.
    - An advanced navigation system for easy tailing through an asteroid field.
    - A state of the art engine for higher speeds and better handling/manoeuvring.
    - Armed with two seeking rocket pods.
    - Also armed with a plasma cannon.
    Price: 18,000 pix, 165,000 pix for entire ten ship squadron.

    GC "Weasel": This ship is useful for covert operations planet-side. Named for the weasel's sneakiness.
    - A prototype cloaking device that renders the ship nigh-impossible to see for a (long) time.
    - A jamming device to prevent detection from standard sensors.
    - An advanced engine for quick getaways.
    Sadly, due to the massiveness of the cloaking system, the ship is weapon-less and can fit only a team of 6. We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes.
    Price: 80,000 pix.

    GC "Tortoise": This ship is a heavily-armoured frigate that is useful for defense of individual planets. Named for the tortoise's large defensive shell.
    - A shielding system that can absorb many projectiles before requiring recharge.
    - Heavy armour that can soak up a LOT of hits.
    - Armed with an ion cannon that can disable hostile systems.
    - Also armed with three plasma cannons for taking on hostile ships.
    Price: 80,000 pix.

    GC "Squid": This ship is a heavily-armed frigate that is useful in large fleets in order to conquer the space around planets. Named for the "man-eating monstrousness" of the Giant Squid. ((As described by wikipedia))
    - A shielding system that can absorb a moderate amount of hit's before requiring recharge.
    - Armed with five heavy plasma cannons for taking on hostile ships.
    Price: 97,000 pix.

    These are the designs that will be put into production once we gain enough capital and support.

    GC "Whale": Dreadnought-Class. Offensive. EST price: 2,790,000,000 pix
    GC "Panther": Frigate-Class. Stealth, Flanker. Requires cloaking device large enough to cover it. EST price: 120,000 pix.
    GC "Elephant": Dreadnought-class. Defensive. EST price: 2,790,000,000 pix
    GC "Skunk": Frigate-class. Offensive. Requires a stock of biological weapons. EST price: 145,000 pix
    GC "Lemming": Frigate-class. Offensive. Requires a stock of explosives. EST price: 129,000 pix
    GC "Bull": Capital ship. Offensive. EST price: 850,00 pix
    GC "Camel": Freighter. Trade. EST price 258,000 pix
    GC "Bear": Capital ship. Defensive. EST price: 850,00 pix
    GC "Mammoth": Starbase. Offensive/Defensive. EST price: 24,580,000,000 pix
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    .//-(Classification: Green-Unclassified)-

    Are your shipyards still operational? I have a fleet to maintain and I am in desperate need for frigates.

    Please respond with haste, war stops for no-one.

    RADM Rawne Mkoll
    Delta Sector Fleet Command

    .//End Message
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