Gas planet suggestion.

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  1. KingTomato

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    I've pondered what could the gas planets would be useful for. Then it hit me. It could be used as a way to get gasses. or to be more specific: erchius gas. This gas could be acquired through upgrading to Condor, and then upgrading Matter Manipulator to the max, which will have gas suction. When beaming down, the player is on some sort of orbiting pod, which was shot out of the ship. The gravity is strong. And the erchius gasses are in pockets, which require the player to build. But do not worry for it being easy. Deadly gasses spread across the planet fast, making it hard for you to sit back and grab the gas. It could also possibly need a gravity EPP.
    as gas planets usually have heavy gravity. Or an augment for the EPP. Colors of gas planets could also indicate the amount of erchius
    and deadly gas. Yellow-sandy coloured ones have little to no erchius, and lots of deadly sandy gas. Blue indicates a large amount of erchius gasses while other colors indicate a even mix.
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