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Garden Pots Question

Discussion in 'Support' started by Kurachi84, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. Kurachi84

    Kurachi84 Zero Gravity Genie

    ok, so i want to use Garden Pots, and saw on the wiki this info "The Garden Pot is a crafted item that allows crops from any season to be grown indoors, or crops from the current season to be grown outdoors."

    does that mean it's also immune to season change?
    it says nothing about that part, and i'm afraid to use it, as i might lose important crops like rare seeds and others that make me money

    i know Ancient Seeds cnnot be put in there, so it's already NOT exactly like the Greenhouse
    that's why i ask this, before i lose (if i do) an important crop
    i also know the rest that page has, like the 3 that can get a giant version when put in a 3x3 position

    so it's a bit different from the Greenhouse, and now i want to know about the season change part
    thanks in advance :)
    • One More Day

      One More Day Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      Description seems pretty clear and unambiguous IMO.

      Indoors - grow whatever whenever

      Outdoors - only grow seeds from that season. If the seed isn't from that season, it won't grow
      • Kurachi84

        Kurachi84 Zero Gravity Genie

        fertilizers go away after season change, and since the Garden Pots are different from the Greenhouse, i was hoping for a clear answer about that
        but i guess this answers my question
        there's just a difference between "grow any season" and "ignores season changes"

        the page of the Greenhouse DOES make it clear, so it could be different with these pots
        • One More Day

          One More Day Scruffy Nerf-Herder

          You didn't mention fertilizer at all in your OP.

          All you said was about not losing "important crops".

          If it's indoors you might lose the fertilizer, IDK, but the crop will not be lost.

          I believe that the greenhouse loses fertilizer at change of season when the planted crop does not normally grow outdoors in the new season. If the crop would grow outdoors in the new season then the fertilizer would be retained. Perhaps the garden pots work the same way.
          • Kurachi84

            Kurachi84 Zero Gravity Genie

            all i said about fertilizers is that they DO go away with season change, even in the greenhouse
            it was 1 example of what the greenhouse doesn't change, and the same with garden pots

            and i never said "important crops" on its own, i just wanted to know if garden pots work the same as the greenhouse, with the few exceptions that the wiki DID mention

            i know about the greenhouse being safe from it, but not about garden pots
            i tried the greenhouse with 1 pumpkin seed as soon as i got it opened, and from day 28 to day 1 next season, it did nothing bad
            but before i need to do that with my garden pots, i want to know whether or not it's the same

            the wiki pages about the greenhouse an dgarden pots are not saying the exact same, so i became unsure, which caused me to ask here

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