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Bug/Issue Gameplay bugs and crashes...

Discussion in 'Support' started by Axgrant, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Axgrant

    Axgrant Void-Bound Voyager

    We recently started playing Stardew Valley multiplayer, and haven't been having a pleasant experience. When we try to play local, 2/3 of us are able to see the farm under local multiplayer. When we finally decided to switch to online multiplayer, the crashing issues were through the roof. When I try to connect to my friends switch and get into the chests inside my farmhouse, I get nothing. But when I go out of the farmhouse and re-enter the farmhouse, I am instantly welcomed by the chest UI, and then can open any chest within the farmhouse. We then had the idea after a good amount of gameplay to set up a chest near Robin's house to keep all the things we would need to upgrade and build things in our farm area. It disappeared the next day. We have had bugs where the game would act like there were items in the mines to pick up, and when another person would enter, I wasn't there, and the whole slue of stone I had mined was gone, and nothing on the ground. There have been player animation bugs through the roof. I have actual footage of this. There have also been times when I walk out to tend to the farm and no-one can see me, and then the game crashes. Several times in the last day we have not been able to finish the day because the host players game has crashed because of a variety/ all of these bugs.

    EDIT: I forgot about the load screen hanging when trying to go from the farm to the bus stop area.
    EDIT2: There Is also a LOT of lag when a farmhand changes floors in the mine. Has caused major gameplay instability.

    Thank you and sorry for the Inconveniences. If there is anything else I can be of help with, let me know. Because at this point I have experienced all of the bugs I'm sure.
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