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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ChemMixer, Dec 5, 2016.

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    800+ Items Tested for 27500+ Times (Original Full Guide for Giftings), Full Items Listings including Energy/Health/Price (CTRL+F TO SEARCH). Stardew Valley 1.11 Compatible. Comments Appreciated.

    This guide is purely under full Experimental. All data is tested and recorded accordingly as in-game. Please give feedback if you found any wrong data.

    5 December 2016:
    1.0 Initial Release. I have a lot of sections need to update, so bear me some weeks or months... depending on my free time to update it.

    6 December 2016:
    1.0.1 Fixing typo errors and ASCII symbols.

    8 December 2016:
    1.0.2 Added table formatting for Community Center sections.

    10 December 2016:
    1.0.3 Updated Artifacts/Fish/Minerals/Resources Item Listings.

    23 December 2016:
    1.0.4 Updated Price for Skill Professions in Item Listings.

    7 January 2017:
    1.0.5 Updated Mines Section. Fixed most typo errors.

    V2.0 Still updating Villagers' timetables. Please be patient.

    This Guide Expected-To-Completion: End of March 2017.
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    • Skip Sandwich

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      Looking pretty good overall, but I feel that the Crop and Item Listing information could be consolidated, I.E. listing the buy/sell price alongside the growth information. Also useful would be a Max harvests per season (if planted on the 1st).

      For example

      Buy (Seeds): 20g (Pierre's) 25g (Joja)
      Sell: 35G/43G/52G
      Energy: 25/35/45
      Health: 11/15/20
      Time to Mature: 4 days
      Maximum harvests per season: 7 (plant on 1st, harvest+plant on 5th/9th/13th/17th/21st, final harvest on 25th)
      XP per harvest: 8 Farming

      Buy (Seeds): 100g (Spring 13th/Egg Festival-Pierre's Booth)
      Sell: 120g/150g/180g
      Energy: 50/70/90
      Health: 20/28/36
      Time to Mature: 8 days, Continues to produce 1 berry every 4 days until end of season
      Maximum Harvests per season (if planted Spring 1): 5 (Plant on 1st, harvest on 9th/13th/17th/21st/25th)
      Maximum Harvest per season (if planted day of festival): 2 (plant on 13th, Harvest on 21st/25th)
      XP per harvest: 18 Farming
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        Wow, super detailed! Nice job putting that all together
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        • ChemMixer

          ChemMixer Subatomic Cosmonaut

          I got your idea. Thanks. Will update on that part. For XP points system, I still cannot detect thru save file. Although Wiki did all the listings, I know it's best not to copy till I know where to get the actual value from the file.

          If anyone can guide me to do it, much appreciated. It will make the guide even more solid.
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          • ChemMixer

            ChemMixer Subatomic Cosmonaut

            Bump for visibility. Guide still WIP.

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