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    Do we know the game modes so far?

    For sure there will be a Campaign, also a free combat mode, and online, of course. But do we know anything else?

    It would be great to have the battle mode available in Advance Wars, those challenging maps where you were in disadvantage and you got some punctuation at the end made me have a lot of fun, and beating every map could take lots of hours, sometimes playing just one of the big maps could take hours.

    And something related to the onine mode: are we going to be able to save, share and watch battles? It can be good if you discover some strategy and want to share it or if you want to look for that strategy, how to properly use a unit whose utility you don't find, etc.
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    • Bamboozler

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      Afaik there will be:
      • Single player campaigns (1 for each of the commanders)*
      • Custom levels and campaigns built by players using the editor (1-4) players
      • 1v1 and 2v2 PvP will also be a thing although specific details on it are limited
      *there MIGHT also be a multiplayer option for this although that needs to be confirmed

      So far there is no news on a potential battle save/replay feature although that would make a great addition. I'm sure regardless of this feature people will be capturing their games using things like OBS to upload it to YouTube.

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