Bug/Issue Game file causing slow load times

Discussion in 'Support' started by jerbus, Feb 17, 2020.

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    Me and my girlfriend play on the switch. We have approximately 60 hours in this save file. I play on switch lite and she plays on standard switch. We are on the 4 corners map.

    Anytime there is loading involving going to the town, it takes her approximately 30 minutes in game to get to the town, while I'm loading just fine. (Example: town to beach is fine, but going back from beach to town is very slow)

    We have another save file with the default map and only 2 hours of play time but there is no slow loading on that file.

    Has there been any history about too many "assets" slowing down the game or anything about 4 corners map causing issues?

    I've contacted Nintendo and tried re downloading the game and resetting the system but it seems to be only be an issue with this game and this game file.. We tried on crash bandicoot and that worked fine.

    Nintendo rep directed me to this forum, so here I am
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