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Bug/Issue Game crashes, when i try to access matter manipulator upgrade menu, please help

Discussion in 'Support' started by Ignas2, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. Ignas2

    Ignas2 Intergalactic Tourist

    Me and my friends started a game, one of the friends introduced us to bunch of mods and im not sure is it because of the mods, but when i go to quick bar and try to access either matter manipulator or configurator our game crashes, tried in multi and single player with no avail. Now i suspect the culprit may be some mod ? Anyone could help us out ? We dont want to get game ruined we because we played for a while now.
    The mods we use are :
    Draconis Race by Notameme
    Frackin universe
    Manufacturers touch by kit
    PPRace Extender by Manic Rykker
    Lstar by 777jackoflbades
    AFK Seating by waning
    Avali (traingle) race mod by fevix
    Barrage heavy mecha by pohany
    Better dash by drakblader24
    Cyan no forced mech helmets
    Elithian races mod by aegonian
    Extended GUI by V6 version 1.12
    Gardenbot2 Reboot edition by lophatkao and tynaut
    Race Munari by montionless
    Enhanced storage (and hoarder addon too) by Neovanalemania
    Graphene fix by Xylia
    Illuminated ores by amadox
    Infinite mech energy by lilcooldude69
    The orcana by Nemasys
    StardustLib by zetaPrime
    StarTech by zetaPrime
    New tiles and greebles by Storm_uk
    No Damage Cap
    Optional Story by The I Suit
    Weapon Megapack by Kaamalauppias
    Sundra's Saloon by G.Xyon
    TSW Weapons by Tremerion
    Tenant pack by Joseph
    Useful Pets by Psieonic
    XS Mechs : Modular edition by lopathkao and bigasshunter
    Upgraded Upgrades by Kais version 1.3
    Gundam Zaku Mech by whiskydan
    Penguin Piracy by Manic Rykker
    PPFrakinuniversepatch by Manic Rykker
    Nox's Bone dragon by Lophatkao
    Skizot's Dozers by Skizot and lopathkao
    XS Mechs Vechile edition by lopathkao SMT50001 TShinzon
    XS Mechs Modular weapons +
    ZZ Mech modifications by Zima Zang
    Skippable cinematics by V6
    Food Stack by v6
    Frackin Races by sayter

    Dont jusge us on the amount of mods that make game easier, we like our game modded ;D much love <3
    Thanks for whoever will look into this and will try to help us out, we will really appreciate this, i really love this game and i want to keep playing this, but this crash makes me really sad and im not sure what makes it crash ;C
    Thanks you all !
  2. Shapto

    Shapto Void-Bound Voyager

    Probably, try reinstalling them one by one (will take long but i think will fix it)

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