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Bug/Issue Game crashes on every cutscene

Discussion in 'Support' started by cyoung176, May 16, 2018.

  1. cyoung176

    cyoung176 Space Hobo

    Playing on the switch version. Every cutscene causes the game to crash. All have been skippable, up until the wedding scene. I can see no workaround this issue. The file is not corrupted and it is updated to the most recent update. This is the part I was most looking forward to and I cannot watch the cutscene nor can I skip it. Please help!
    • cyoung176

      cyoung176 Space Hobo

      Glad I can get a reply from you guys! Glad I bought a broken game!
      • LaZyToYBRaiN

        LaZyToYBRaiN Space Hobo

        Hey cyoung176 you’re not alone. Though I bought the Xbox One version of the game, I have too run into an issue causing my cutscenes to crash. Music and background effects roll along as if nothing is wrong but can’t skip or force the cutscene to go away so I’m stuck gazing into the eyes of the people trying to get stuff from me. Was a fantastic game until I farmed the same day 6 times trying to force a cutscene to work and then having to reset my game and start back on that same day. Tried sleeping to just skip days and see if it helped but no luck!

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