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Bug/Issue Game crashes as soon as I spawn

Discussion in 'Support' started by p1x3l, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. p1x3l

    p1x3l Intergalactic Tourist

    For some reason, as soon as I try to get into the game, it loads a few seconds and then shows me this crashreport. I'm currently in a HiTech-Facility (The ones were you could find Matterblocks during early-access, but I think it's reworked by a mod), and the game started to crash when I entered the boss-room. I killed the boss without entering the room by using bombs and when I walked in to collect the loot, it brought me back to the main menu of Starbound. It's very likely that these crashes, which make it impossible to play this char anymore, are caused solely by the modded dungeon I'm currently in. I have another char who I can play without any problems.
    Here's a list of the Mods I'm using, the top 3 being the most important for this crash imo:

    • Earth's Finest
    • Frackin' Races
    • Frackin' Universe
    • Augment for Frackin Universe Armor
    • Augment Slots for Armor
    • Better Barren - Elysium Worlds
    • Container UI Tweak
    • Enhanced Matter Manipulator
    • Extended GUI
    • Extended Songbook
    • Extra Zoom Levels
    • Frackin' Music
    • Gardenbot2 : Reboot Edition
    • Improved Containers
    • Improved Food Descriptions
    • Improved Techs
    • One-Handed Torch
    • Phase Shift Module
    • Pixel Goods Store
    • Racial AI Restorer
    • Racially Appropriate Ship Background
    • Searchable Tenant Tags
    • Stackable Non-Perishable Food
    • Super Song Pack
    • Themed Colony Deeds
    • Tier Nine Ships
    • Inventory Interface Redone
    • Learn Blueprints on Scan
    • Manipulated UI
    • Mannequin Head
    • Matter Manipulator Manipulator
    • One-Handed Instruments
    • Wardrobe Interface
    • Weapon Stats

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