Bug/Issue game breaking vita bugs

Discussion in 'Support' started by slofkip, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. slofkip

    slofkip Space Spelunker

    I'm trying to get the dwarven translation scrolls, and to do that i have to hoe the soil in the mines.
    Whenever i try to hoe the soil in the mines or skull caverns the game crashes, everytime.
    Also every skull cavern floor is exactly the same, sometimes even in the mines.
    • Josaro

      Josaro Space Spelunker

      I got the scrolls fighting the enemies in the ice sections of the mines instead of through digging, you might want to try doing that on a lucky day to influence the drop rate
      • teyavatch

        teyavatch Astral Cartographer

        Also experiencing both the digging crash and the repeating skull caverns bug. This is highly upsetting.

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