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  1. Geolink

    Geolink Space Spelunker

    So i read about the new update and what the dev's are planning. Specifically the multiplayer one (Which has me super excited!) But it kinda has a few red flags. For example you and 3 other players would have one farm together with 4 houses. The main player would control everything and the other 3 players would kinda be like thier workers. The main player chose when to sleep, Start/End Festivals and ect. im gonna be explaining more details and changes they should do. (This is entierly my opinion so you don't have to agree with me.)

    Farm House System: Instead of only having one farm and 3 cabin like homes around it, There should be four farms with each player having one. This would be so each player can plant thier own crops and do whatever they wish. Although the festival starting/ending sytstem would be the same with the main player only having the ability to do so. Also, whenever players leave instead of dumping all thier items into a chest inside thier home, It should just save the inventory. (Don't want any peeps snoopin' n stealin' ur precious items) And if players wanted to either work together or not there could be a Whitelist and Blacklist system. (With a Neutral too) If a player is selected to be on whitelist said player can pick your crops and sell them for thier own money and also cut down tree's and such. (Note The player has to put the selected player to a whitelist menu probally found in the options menu.) Towards the opposite the Blacklist..List. If a player is on thier blacklist said player cannot enter the player's farm in any way. And the neutral(List). When a player is on another player's neutral list, They're allowed to water crops at another player's farm which is pretty much it. (And are allowed to enter player's houses).

    Love and Marraige system: Said players should be able to fall in love with eachother and eventually get married! How so? You must spend day's together either walking together or just exploring together or just do activities with eachother!. Once you get married both of the players have to say yes to the proposal. You will need a Diamond and Gold to make the "Shiny Ring" desc: Used to wed other players! (Must have 10 hearts Both.) And if you just wanna do it normally you still have the choice to wed npc's althought it's a race to abigail's heart :sneaky: (Still have to use the Mermaid's Pendant on NPC's with a boquet)

    That's all i have for now hopefully you find these ideas inspiring in a way :3

    (Also Dev's if you do read this tell me what you think!)
    (P.S. Everyone Tell me what you think!)
    • Xamerzan

      Xamerzan Cosmic Narwhal

      Honestly, I feel like the current multiplayer system works well. Sure the first player is the one that's technically in control, but the fact is all the players involved can do whatever they want on the single farm. There's a lot of space on the farm already, so I don't think adding 4 additional cabin homes would be an issue where making 4 new farms of the same size would make the space a bit too large... also, where would you put them? Too much additional space may cause unforeseen problems for everyone involved.

      As for Love and Marriage, while it's a fun idea, I think using the same system for the NPC Bachelors and Bachelorettes for players as well would be very odd... plus it sorta cheats both players out of a Stardrop that you'd get from an NPC spouse and I don't know how the players would exchange these Stardrops... it just doesn't make sense to me I'm afraid. Nothing stops the players from Roleplaying that they're married to each other which is no problem, but I really doubt that player-to-player marriage would be doable as a mechanic in this game. :(

      These aren't bad ideas, I just don't think they'd work for STV in my honest opinion.
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