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  1. someonefromcanada38

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    I am currently working on a tutorial series for Starbound using the wiring system to make automated airlocks for underwater bases. These tutorials will explain the wiring, and some tips for making a better airlock of your own, I will be taking requests for airlocks that work in a different way or include different components. There are both multiplayer and single player variations which I will be showcasing and doing tutorials on in order to accommodate more peoples interests. If there is an interest for it after I finish these videos I will continue to create other specific tutorials aiming at creating a specific device in starbound while learning about some of the different available components. Please let me know if there is anything you would like to see created.

    Thank you and enjoy your adventures in space.

    Video 1: Automatic Wet and Dry Airlocks

    Video 2: Automatic Ultimate Airlock

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  2. The | Suit

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    Moved to General Help \ F.A.Q since you are making a Tutorial series and not a Lets Play.
  3. celade

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    Cool, I like seeing more tutorials for this kind of stuff... the wiring / logic tools have tons of potential
  4. someonefromcanada38

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    I agree! If you have any ideas for something else you would like to see me make with the wiring tools feel free to let me know!
  5. celade

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    Just for fun I thought it'd be cool to create a "sorter" -- dump water into a chamber, press button 3, and water goes to 'water storage"... lava, press button 2, lava storage... trap a person, button 1, lava stor-I mean person storage! It's all just kind of a theme on "airlock" but visually it could be entertaining. Unfortunately as we can't differentiate between lava and water I don't think it could be automated :(
  6. someonefromcanada38

    someonefromcanada38 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I like the idea I'll see if I can whip something up.
  7. Godbot

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    Hey, I really like your airlock designs. Someone posted a link to your thread in the underwater bases thread, and it made me want to try something like this for myself. I just wanted to let you know I liked them, since this this thread was looking a little quiet.

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