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WIP FTL inspired Ship

Discussion in 'Vehicles and Mounts' started by Ciurrioc, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Ciurrioc

    Ciurrioc Star Wrangler

    Welp got another ship in the works for a while now, its been off and on really going on about 2-3 weeks. haven't decided what to name it just yet but I'll get around to that, I've major credence to give Beef time (such an awesome name) for the use of Logistic frigates hull art, it is what this ship has its shaped defined and the SMEE team for the holo screens from their CIC Object art and windows from the normandy.

    The Ship(s) are the Federation and Rebellion Cruisers, technically the ship that I'm making this from isn't in FTL, I just used Vanilla FTL's background ship assets and shaped them until I found a form I liked and then sculpted it out for use in Starbound. I'll put the image of that up later, for now some wip shots of the interior. the full ship image I'll show when I'm comfortable with how it looks lol

    Lowest Deck Engine room with Life Support above

    Cargo and Teleportation Deck


    Forward Observation deck

    Comments welcome, additional ideas, the ship is at max length for one .png aand I think that is sufficient for the average player.

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