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Discussion in 'Mods' started by bi-chan, Nov 17, 2016.

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    I've read through the forum and didn't see what I was looking for and I know the game is hard to mod because of a lot of elements being hardcoded makes it hard to do stuff.
    Is it possible to have a Seed Maker produce seeds from fruits ?
    Not because I want to cheat or anything just because I find it weird that I can't have a seed from something that half of it is seed ( Apple have so much seeds, peaches have ONE BIG seed etc) and the other half is juicy goodness.
    I guess It was for balance reasons, but do you guys think it's possible?

    • Nishtra

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      Well, the game doesn't have fruit seeds (since the trees grow from saplings), so it would be necessary to create them before doing any work with seed maker. And it is not a good idea to create new items using SMAPI. Part of the reason is, since creating new items requires modifying some .xnb files, there can (and most likely will) be compatibility problems with other mods modifying the same files. Another part is, mods like this are most likely to break with new game updates.
      So to sum it up, while technically it is possible to do, it is not recommended. Strongly not recommended.
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      • bi-chan

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        Thanks for your reply !! :)

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