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Bug/Issue Fridge Item Losses: Confirmed and Reproducable

Discussion in 'Support' started by InnyCorrupt, May 7, 2018.

  1. InnyCorrupt

    InnyCorrupt Void-Bound Voyager

    Major inventory loss bug relating to Fridges:
    When host accesses a co-op farmhands cabin fridge(In single player), it deletes the entire contents.
    I was overthinking it. Game is not saving the contents of Farmhand Fridges. Day to day play is fine, but if the game is shut down and restarted, the contents are gone.

    All co-op partners can access Farmhouse fridge. Items can be freely inserted and removed without issue. This is fine.
    When using ANY stove, it calls the contents of your personal home's refrigerator, regardless of which cabin/farmhouse you are in. This is causing confusion with people who have learned the recipe but are unable to cook unless holding the items/placed it in their own personal fridge.
    Farmhands accessing another farmhands fridge is fine too.
    This only happens when the host loads the save in single player

    Up to date, 1.3.9. 1.3.10 now. Still happening
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    • Dewin

      Dewin Space Hobo

      We experienced a similar issue, but I'm not certain your "not online" requirement applies:

      Setup: Wife is hosting, I'm playing with her. She only plays the save when I'm also playing -- so when she starts the game, it's immediately paused while she waits for me to join.

      The contents of my fridge (most of which I had just taken from hers the night prior) were gone when we started playing yesterday.

      Also, would love to see it use the contents of the refrigerator in the current house (presumably the intended behavior) -- half the reason I expanded my cabin was to be able to get the menu for cooking.
      • Krytanna

        Krytanna Intergalactic Tourist

        I've had a similar issues as well. I host a game with two other people and we decided to share the fridge contents. Found out if I put one cooking item in another fridge and go back to my house I can still make an item from farmhand's fridge. So we decided to put all foods together in fridges. We proceed to the next day and all the food in the farmhand's fridge is gone.
        • InnyCorrupt

          InnyCorrupt Void-Bound Voyager

          Thanks for the feedback both you of. It's helped me narrow this down even further. It's not because the host is interacting with a farmhand fridge offline, like I originally thought.

          It's straight up not saving the contents of the farmhands fridge.
          Day to day play is fine. but if you shut down and reload later, that's it. farmhand's fridge contents are gone.

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