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RELEASED FrackinUniverse 5.4.872

Enhance your starbound experience in every area. Massive mod.

  1. Xylia

    Xylia Cosmos Killer

    From the front page of FU, there's a link to my guide:


    If you use GitHub to update, your updates should take <2 minutes, oftentimes just a few seconds if you update rather frequently.

    If you're downloading from GitHub as a .zip... yeah that takes stinking forever, lol. Like almost 30 minutes, and that was back then before we added lots of stuff too.
  2. sayter

    sayter The End of Time

    yea man. start using Github. way easier.
  3. Kirbyroth

    Kirbyroth Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    yea I did that xD
  4. irock2200

    irock2200 Aquatic Astronaut

    This is a very great mod that, if I played Starbound without I'd feel so empty on the inside. So much content! Now all we need is an auto updater lol if that is even possible for video game mods. I downloaded 5.0.121 a few days ago just to look back and find 5.0.14.. and each update I just have to get :p Great work
  5. Xylia

    Xylia Cosmos Killer

    @sayter : Two minor graphical glitches for you, in this screenshot:


    The armory is hovering a pixel off the ground, and luckily enough, I took the screenshot at the right moment to display a glitch in one of the Matter Assembler's frames (part of the hologram looks like it is shifted right one pixel in just that frame?), shown in the screenshot.

    EDIT: I actually remembered to update FU before reporting something this time, lol. Literally updated it just ~2min ago.
  6. Mooncalf99

    Mooncalf99 Phantasmal Quasar

    Could you please add avali plants to the list of supported crops for the growing tray/hydroponic tray? I like the race, but I don't want to grow them the old-fashioned way if I can avoid it.
  7. Kirbyroth

    Kirbyroth Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    lol that armory. that make for cool magic trick though.
  8. lordvego

    lordvego Void-Bound Voyager

  9. Kirbyroth

    Kirbyroth Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    try re crafting the flyer and using it again
  10. sayter

    sayter The End of Time

  11. lordvego

    lordvego Void-Bound Voyager

    Thank you for that. I playing on two different machines (work and home) and one had it and the other didnt.
  12. peucritond

    peucritond Space Spelunker

    are Hylotl Ruined Castle possible if so can some one give me the coordinates of one
  13. Xylia

    Xylia Cosmos Killer

    There is something really wonky going on with Proto-Poison and/or the Hoplite Armor.

    First, consider these two screenshots:

    As you can see here, I am wearing Hoplite Armor. Note the 130HP (which is correct: 15+9+6).

    Now, when I beam down to this proto-planet...


    For some weird reason, SAIL is warning me about Proto-poison even though I SHOULD be protected.

    Also, I am gaining +2 Defense and +10HP, even though the Proto-Poison SHOULD be taking away max HP, right? And I also get a -HP Max debuff (it appears for a split second) and it wears off as soon as I beam up (and my HP returns to 130).

    EDIT: No errors in starbound.log except for asset exceptions:

    [22:28:54.531] [Error] Could not load image asset '/items/armors/fuhoplite/bsleeve.png', using placeholder default.
    (AssetException) No such asset '/items/armors/fuhoplite/bsleeve.png'
    [22:28:54.558] [Error] Could not load image asset '/items/armors/fuhoplite/bsleeve.png:idle.1', using placeholder default.
    (AssetException) No associated frames file found for image '/items/armors/fuhoplite/bsleeve.png' while resolving image frame '/items/armors/fuhoplite/bsleeve.png:idle.1'
    [22:28:54.570] [Error] Could not load image asset '/items/armors/fuhoplite/fsleeve.png', using placeholder default.
    (AssetException) No such asset '/items/armors/fuhoplite/fsleeve.png'
    [22:28:54.579] [Error] Could not load image asset '/items/armors/fuhoplite/fsleeve.png:idle.1', using placeholder default.
    (AssetException) No associated frames file found for image '/items/armors/fuhoplite/fsleeve.png' while resolving image frame '/items/armors/fuhoplite/fsleeve.png:idle.1'
  14. sayter

    sayter The End of Time

    It can't do anything it isn't told to do:

    thats everything that armor set is capable of.

    Not sure regarding the rest. If you are using FR, you may be getting a racial bonus from the planet surface.

    edit: yea, its your racial:

    for felins:

    if (world.type() == "jungle") or (world.type() == "thickjungle") or (world.type() == "alien") or (world.type() == "protoworld") or (world.type() == "arboreal") or (world.type() == "arborealdark") then
    status.setPersistentEffects("felinEpic", {
    {stat = "protection", amount = 2},
    {stat = "maxHealth", baseMultiplier = 1.10}

    as for the radiomessage....not sure on that. I suspect it might be because the suit loads the immunity, and that renders slightly after the popup does, so you still get the message....or something? And for beamup, there is literally nothing I can do about that re: split second HP reduction. Much like vanilla radiation.
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2017
  15. Mooncalf99

    Mooncalf99 Phantasmal Quasar

    Tinker table positioning glitches a bit.
  16. sayter

    sayter The End of Time

    its spaces are set properly. i painstakingly did so. Id guess one of the sides is "backwards" , so to speak. meh.

  17. Xylia

    Xylia Cosmos Killer

    Ahh, I wasn't aware felin had a thing for proto worlds lol. But that explains it anyways, hehe.
  18. fernworrier

    fernworrier Cosmic Narwhal

    in all seriousness who slash what is this greg? also i got lucky to find an fracken flora dungon that had fully upgraded armory and some kitchen stuff in it. :p thought it was neat to still see it so i could loot it all again.
  19. Xylia

    Xylia Cosmos Killer

    Yeah, I love the little nooks and crannies on random planets. Yesterday, I found a Penumbrite Planet that had a moderate-sized elder minidungeon with *three* treasure chests, containing stuff like Pyreite, Noscxium (sp?), and 2-3 elder crafting materials like trapzehdron etc...

    I was like "Score!!"

    Because I'm still rather early in progression.
  20. sayter

    sayter The End of Time

    screenshot above. huge sword + dunce cap. That's a greg.

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