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RELEASED FrackinUniverse 6.4.3

Enhance your starbound experience in every area. Massive mod.

  1. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    sayter submitted a new mod:

    Frackin' Flora - Adding more nature to Starbound.

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  2. TempTemp

    TempTemp Star Wrangler

    After a trip to an Irradiated world I found a large number of Arid bees. Not that there's anything wrong with Arid bees, but there is with finding them on a world where it never seems to stop raining!:facepalm: Just pointing that out since it seemed very silly.
  3. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    meh. im not about to give a shit about arid bees spawning there. Irradiated worlds can be rainy, but they can also be super dry. RNG decides.

    in other news : extractors now process vanilla insects when caught in jars (or should) from this morns commit
  4. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    new blister guns:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    compared to old:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    tough to see them in that tiny-assed size, though. These will replace the existing ones, and are much smaller in overall size. Their color also matches the armor more closely.

    Additionally, blister gun projectiles will be changing. There are plenty of things that create light in the mod now, and I would rather the light not be the focal point of the weapon. I'm not sure what I'll do with it yet, though.

    also have some replacements for the particle pistol and particle rifle

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  5. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    Live on Github

    - adjusted mining gun firing positions

    - updated several weapons/tools graphics: Penumbrite Miner, Proto Miner, Particle Pistol, Particle Rifle, Particle Cannon, Blister Pistol and Blister Gun

    - corrected rise of hylotl weapon tooltip

    - increased frequency of lunari crystals

    - tweaked a few more damage variables for weapons. If you notice any more that are far too weak for their tier (or vice versa) don’t hesitate to let me know.

    - reworked all armor and weapon recipes to be more reasonable (in other words, less resource cost by a fair margin), making them more desirable to craft in the first place as you’ll be more likely to have the resources on hand. Only War Angel retains its previous crafting requirements.
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  6. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    sayter updated FrackinUniverse with a new update entry:

    Balance Adjustments - Part 2

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  7. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    Live on Github

    - Quantum Extractors now require 3u power, but otherwise functions identically.The timer may be a bit off, but I can refine that as I go.
    - Vashta Gun has a new sprite
    - Improved Thermal Generator output
    - Methanol now unlocks Methyl Iodide
  8. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    So, I'll be adding more power-based stuff over the next while. I figured I would use you guys as a sounding board for ideas and to streamline the process so that things function in the best (and most useful) ways possible.

    Here's a short list thus far of stations I'm debating (all names are placeholder) :

    Centrifuge / MK II Centrifuge / Quantum Centrifuge

    This station would essentially do the following: When a liquid item is placed within (or DNA Samples/Mineral Samples) it spins and consumes the items. Then it spits out Genes or component items from the liquids (for instance, perhaps Tar can be put in here to create Oil as well as other components). Higher tiered centrifuges would also be able to create enhanced fuels.

    Electron Microscope

    This station analyzes goods placed within and generates a codex informing you of the materials uses.

    Gene Splicer

    Things placed within this station, when certain item combos are used, creates genetic mutations. Mutated plant strains, possibly pets/monsters, etc. Fills the role the old Cloning Lab did, but with added utility.

    Gene Extractor

    When biological items are placed within, it consumes them and has a chance to spit out Genes (based on the materials used). This would either be in addition to the Xeno Station, or a replacement for the station. I'd likely aim to have it be in addition to, however, with experimenting being the purpose of this machine while the Xeno retains recipe-based crafting. This station would simply be an alternative way to create genes.

    Gene Sequencer

    Breaks down plant seeds, creatures etc into their component Genes. So, say you find a bunch of Hellfire seeds. You'd toss them within along with some other optional goods to help speed it up...and then voila, a while later you get one or more of the genes that are within that item.

    Ansible Network

    Provides on-the-fly access to shops to sell/purchase various FU resources for inflated prices. Essentially exists to reduce grind for those with pixels to spare.

    Particle Accelerator

    Functions like the Arc Smelter, but produces only particles of various sorts and at a much slower pace. Would require more particle items to be of any use, however. Might not bother since currently there is no need for it.

    Blast Furnace

    a 50% version of the Arc Smelter

    Solar Array

    a much larger Solar Panel with greater power output (4)

    Quantum Reactor

    a massive generator (produces 10 power, requires very little fuel). Small chance of accidentally opening a portal that pours out nasty enemies.

    Machine Workshop

    upgrade items you've created (weapons/armor/packs) using Upgrade Modules and various materials.

    Those are the "major" power use objects I've got in mind so far. Thoughts? And keep it simple, please. I don't need a 3 page writeup of your ideas. Just a brief concept or improvement on the above is good.
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  9. green3y3

    green3y3 Pangalactic Porcupine

    Do you have any suggestion on what kind of planets one can find elders? i visited far more than 100 planets and met at most 5, none of them being an elder microdungeon.
  10. Aegis J Hyena

    Aegis J Hyena Existential Complex

    Centrifuge / MK II Centrifuge / Quantum Centrifuge: Sounds good. Maybe it spits out "waste water" as a byproduct that could be used as an alternate to make Poison, Bio-Ooze, or something similar, in case you don't have access to a steady supply of the stuff.

    Electron Microscope: YES PLEASE. The regular microscope should be able to pick at random one of the possible uses, and the Electron an upgrade giving a codex.

    Gene Splicer: Wouldn't the current gene-crafting station also take the role of a splicer? A one-stop-shop? Upgrade module time...

    Gene Extractor: Maybe the extractor could be used to separate things into its component parts. So if you need X, you can extract Y if it requires X to make. Again, I think the current gene station would be able to do this, maybe with some upgrade modules.

    Gene Sequencer: More upgrades to the lab! All of the upgrades!

    Ansible Network: Sure, that's a nifty extra.

    Particle Accelerator: Maybe it could be used in the creation of "theoretical" particles, string theory, supermassive alloy, etc, which could then be used in the nanofab to upgrade particle weapons. Having a particle beam gun whose range is say, 64x2 tiles a blast would be nice and fun (I'm thinking of the Clentaminator from Terraria)

    Blast Furnace: Seems like it could be used to melt tougher metals with high melting points into liquid metal, or maybe lower melting points (lead) into lots and lots and lots of molten metal. Then the metal could be put into molds for parts for decorations/vanity/something something gun add ons.

    Solar Array: I'm wondering if you could make an orbital array. Or something that floats moderately above your base (say 10-15 tiles above), collecting as much energy as possible. If this is possible it could open the way for floating shields against meteors (mini dungeon generator things?) or orbital weapons (which the Apex science lab mini dungeon might benefit from as a nasty surprise, because Apex).

    Quantum Reactor: A portal, or maybe a huge-range implosion, destroying and removing all tiles (nothing to recover to rebuild, but also very very rare)

    Machine Workshop: Wouldn't the Nanofab already do this? Unless the workshop could make the raw parts and the nanofab fuse the parts together...[DOUBLEPOST=1446571150][/DOUBLEPOST]... and I just red Tiy's post about scripted vehicles and such. I take it you're going to be making a few of your own...
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  11. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    I like the waste water idea actually. That's not a bad one. Anything giving more fluid utility is a good thing at this point, as they are tragically underused both in FU and Starbound in general.

    I'm not sure how viable making the small microscope do something similar is. It's much MUCH easier to have something spit out a codex than it is to enter thousands of lines of possible outcomes. Still not a bad idea if I can find a way to make it possible without much work.

    Yes and no. In the way I am thinking, no. You'd craft your normal seeds the usual way. Then toss them into this station to enhance/upgrade your seeds into better versions. Not even sure if that would work, though. Wishful thinking at this point.

    No, I cannot give multiple uses to a station without added work. Having separate stations is the way to go, here. Plus, I don't want ALL stations to require power. Powered stations should always be "optional" for utility purposes. This would be a "no crafting" method to getting the Xeno Lab genes but with Random Chance more or less being the deciding factor.

    Yea, the main issue with the Accelerator is finding a reason for more resources. Right now we can accomplish all the things it would do with other methods. Nanofab being one example. I like the idea, and its already "done" in that I'd just need to repurpose the Arc Smelter with minor edits. But yea, the various high end weapons and such were what I had in mind for this stuff.

    Not a bad idea. It would also make it into something other than just a "shitty Arc Smelter"

    Nah. Just solar power. However, a floating one is a decent idea. Added as a variant concept because it would be relatively easy to do (simply make a tall as hell PNG image, with the station up high on the graphic and tons of blank space below it)

    There you go again with "destroying peoples hard work for no reason other than because!". Ain't happening. I refuse to obliterate peoples bases (and potentially crates FULL of resources) with a random chance event they can do nothing about. Monsters they can kill, or run from. A huge explosion that destroys their base, they cannot.

    Similar in "concept" but no: The Nanofab "upgrades" are new items entirely and it also produces goods no other station can (techs). This station would simply add to existing values on the items. For instance, I place in a Blister Helm that I made because I am moving on to the next tier and it's armor is crap compared to the next level but I want its glow and I like how it looks. So I get a few Upgrade Modules, and then head to this station. I place in my helm, and then put an upgrade module into the following slots: Armor, Health, Energy. I place 5 into Armor, 5 into Health and 5 into energy. Now I have +5 armor, +10 health and +10 energy on that particular item.
  12. green3y3

    green3y3 Pangalactic Porcupine

    the elders, anyone?

    but besides that, i like the way fu is developing, sayter! :)
  13. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    Elder appear in several biomes. They are not intended to be common since their gear is top-tier level stuff but they aren't that hard to find, really. You'll find them on Primeval, Atropus, Ice Waste, Ice Moon, Lightless, Nitrogen, Penumbra, Proto, Rainforest, Wasteland and Shadow Moon. In other words, all over the place (13 biomes at present). Your luck just sucks.

    I started a new character a few days ago and in my starting system alone, I had 3 elder ruins. I can't survive the experience, but they are there :)
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  14. Aegis J Hyena

    Aegis J Hyena Existential Complex

    Maybe the Microscope could pull random things together as a "potential research" blueprint or something. Spend say two or three (or hundreds depending on tier of item) of each of the most common kinds of samples (raw minerals, dna, etc) and hope for the best. Kind of like a slot machine. If the rolled materials for the blueprint match something, you get blueprint/codex/something. If not, you get "faulty research" or some other junk item that might have sale value at the outpost, people will always buy research to "expand upon" (well, lore/fluff wise).

    For the particle accel, just make all the theoretical particles be items. The various flavors of quarks, strings, and stuff. I'm sure wikipedia has tons of info about it. Then that stuff could be used for even MORE over the top stuff since by the time you're working in Physics 404 Brain Not Found, you're already high tier.

    I had a thought about the Blast Furnace "superheating" stone into something more dense, or maybe the power press condensing dire stone or blaststone plus diamond and advanced alloy or something into some kind of decorative block that would outright resist meteor impact. Perfect for building on moons / worlds with meteor weather.

    If you can do floating solar, you can do floating shields :p And they'd better be animated! :p (I'm teasing, of course). -Would- it be that hard to add say a floating base shield that generates say a 15x15 tile range protection (so you'd need to make several)? Or am I babbling out of my league again.

    I do like the idea you have for the machine workshop. Maybe add in a space for techs, with higher tier armor having more room for more techs. So you could add things like the morphball, and still have room for "regular" techs.
  15. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    if anything, the nano fab would house ALL techs in FU. It already houses all the FU techs anyhow.

    As for the part. accel: You are missing the part where I am saying "we dont need more resource items right now" :) Until I can trim down some of the fat, I don't see a reason to just add more shit in for no reason at all. It's a great idea in concept, but not one that serves any purpose at present. It'll stay on the Wish List until there is a reason for it to exist.

    Super-heated stone into new stone aint bad. Could use that almost unbreakable Core stone as the created goodie there. However, I have 0 concern over making meteor shields at present. Though eventually, yes. In fact, it probably wouldn't be too tough to manage. The lua would just need to detect a projectile, and reverse its trajectory back the way it came.

    and for the microscope: no , man. Thats still too much damned effort for something that is surpassed in literally the exact same tier by another object. I figure the Microscope will simply be used as deco, and for the Xeno Station. Done.
  16. TempTemp

    TempTemp Star Wrangler

    I very much like the idea of extracting genes from stuff you find/kill. I often find FU plants in the wild, but they can be of little use if I already have something that gives about the same effect (say something that gives healing isn't very useful if you have 1000s of bandages and steaks even when the FU crop's healing effect is stronger). It's like finding climbing ropes in a biome chest. It might also be nice if you could learn how to craft stuff that you find. It would make sense that you would take a sample of that new plant you found back to the lab and try to grow your own version. This would remove some of the need to flail around blindly crafting everything just to unlock stuff and would reward lucky players.

    One idea that came to mind (I'm on the fence about it myself), is that you need to find samples in the wild to unlock higher level genes. There would be little to no way to unlock all the genes without leaving your lab. It would require you to get samples from a bunch of biomes to unlock things. Ocean and Tidewater worlds for example would be the best (but not only) place to find gene for stuff that grows in water. Arid worlds would yield low water genes, and so on.

    Another use for the Gene Splicer could be where you try random genes and see if it yields a vaiable plant. This would need to rely on there being far more spare genes laying around so players could take risks. The seeds that come out would all look pretty much the same until you planted them and they started to grow. Poor mixes would yield little to no reward (failed super corn might still yeild a comb or two but no more seeds) so things would not all be a total waste.

    On the topic of gene splicing, what about making crops solely to harvest genes from them? They might be so foucsed on giving you the right genes that they might not even be able to make seeds. So the plants would be some sickly thing that if it could talk would ask you to kill it and end its suffering. However the yeild would out weight the cost so the player would profit (so say you pay the price of 2 copies of a gene and get 6 back).

    The best thing about adding a Blast Furnace would be that it is a early game smelting station. The Arc Smelter's mechanics would be nice to have around early on before you can make things like AI chips.

    After reading about the remote trader idea (good idea since it's really annoying to find you are 4 lead short of crafting that sweet pair of kickass pants), I was reminded of the fact that none of the FU crops can be sold for money. I know some items like silk can be put into the refinery, but that takes way too long when you have hundreds of spare items. It would be a good idea to etheir put a sale price on most of the crops or have a better version of the refinery.

    Also I'd like to add that there is a PGI error with the new quest reward that replaces the Assualt Helm buleprints. The funniest thing is that a PGI is in fact out right more useful!

    EDIT: I just had an idea of how to make a metoer shield system. There could be a new type of block that would be linked with a shield system like the one which protects dungeons. Only the shield blocks would be protected and only so long as there was a powered shield generator nearby. If you wanted to move the shield blocks you would have to shut down the whole system, but on the filp side nothing could hurt those blocks once the system is online. Just don't make the mistake of setting up a system that even you can't breach (solar power supply so it doesn't run out and no way to get close enough to remove the wires)!
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  17. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    I like you. You may stay. I'll kill you last. Seriously though...some fantastic input here. I'll be jotting down liberally from this wall of text, if'n ya don't mind! I'll respond to this shortly. Getting the little one in bed, spending some time with the Mrs, etc. But I will definitely come back to this. You may have just helped me solve one of the biggest quandries I've had with FU since the very start!
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  18. pcwasomeness2

    pcwasomeness2 Space Spelunker

    I dont cae what you said but i have a report my flesh plants will not be destroyed when underwater
  19. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    cool story bro. Got a log file? itll probably spew out some random shit about that plant when you try to murder it.
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  20. pcwasomeness2

    pcwasomeness2 Space Spelunker

    and where do i get solar panels[DOUBLEPOST=1446600441][/DOUBLEPOST]ok ill try but you mightve made a mistake so it didnt work correctly but ill see

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