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RELEASED FrackinRaces 5.2.675

Enables racial abilities for all Vanilla races, and many modded ones too!

  1. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

  2. SrsBznz

    SrsBznz Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    This update is broken, at least on my end.
    Racial bonuses such as jump on Avian's disappear, when I created a new character to see if it only affected previous saves the "skip intro" option broke the game. I spawned on the character's personal ship as intended but the quest log still showed that I had to 'survive the protectorate meeting', had no option to teleport or interact with S.A.I.L.
    Also the fresh character had no racial bonuses including the basic +/- % to HP/Energy/Damage.

    This was the case using both 5.6.368 and 5.6.366 FrackinUnivers, on the other hand both versions worked fine with FrackinRaces 5.2.59.
  3. sayter

    sayter The Waste of Time

    Works fine. Issue must be something you have installed alongside it. Nothing you claim is broken has any issue on my master copy. That, or you didn't download the release from the *releases* page and instead downloaded from the little green button on the main page of git, which means you downloaded the test version, which can often have bugs since its in-progress.

    Provide a log please.
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  5. sayter

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  6. CadeyrnDragheim

    CadeyrnDragheim Space Hobo

    Maybe hylotl needs to be looked at a bit? There are some inconsistencies with description and stats (at least as far as i checked through sail - misc - character status). First you get 10% more damage, but it doesn't say anywhere other than if you look on the site at the stats or after you start a game. Then with the katana single you get 10% more damage, in-game description says just 6%. Also with dagger and katana you get 6% more damage i think and no protection, even though it says +4 in the description. With a katana in one hand and shield in the other, no bonus damage, though i think this is intended. Shortsword also seemed to work properly.
  7. SrsBznz

    SrsBznz Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    If you look at the hylotl.raceeffects file in FrackinRaces\species you can see how the race is actually modified.
    Going by that, it appears that katana + dagger does indeed give +4 protection, 1% crit chance and 8% faster attacks (I think). If it doesn't do this in-game, it's likely a bug since it appears to conflict with sayter's intent, no?

    On a slightly unrelated topic, it's really confusing that racial/armor bonuses to weapons appear to check the weapon type by some hidden value and not its weapon type description.
    For example the 'Energy Weapon' bonus, has multiple weapons in the armory specify that certain weapons count as energy weapons (despite being something like machine pistols). But then there are weapons which are plainly called 'Energy Weapons' as well.

    This means that weapon type bonuses may be applied to weapons even if their tooltip type doesn't match up and a lot of unique weapons have weird names and the (officially recommended) Elithian Races Mod adds even more of those.
    The Elithian's Jumpcannon for example acts like a flamethrower but is it affected by flamethrower bonuses?
    Or the vanilla unique Ixodoom Claw, it simply calls it a 'Unique' weapon. But it's moveset is that of a 2H Hammer, so am I to assume its affected by such bonuses?
  8. CadeyrnDragheim

    CadeyrnDragheim Space Hobo

    Well pretty sure they work based on tags so if there is a tag for a weapon that it's an energy weapon, then the bonus for it applies. Same with race armor and stuff. As you said, there's a lot of stuff in the game and there's bound to be a few mistakes here and there and that's fine i think. Hmm not thinking about it, i did use a primal dagger or something that was crafted at the start and it might have been a thing from elithian races that didn't have the tags properly set up...

    EDIT: i also looked at the stats for hylotl in github - species - raceeffect and it seems fine. Just the damage bonus of 10% isn't in the in-game description or on the website, it's only on the website when you looks at stats (and works fine in-game). I actually think i'll try to play with it since the bonus will apply to any weapon which is rather nice.
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  9. CadeyrnDragheim

    CadeyrnDragheim Space Hobo

    Might be mistaken, but actually perhaps the glitch need to be looked at. At least i don't see where is the part in the glitch.raceeffect where they lose 50% of damage and protection if electrified or that when your energy is low that you lose your physical resistance and protection. They seem to use up food when using weapons too. Also it seems you get 2% more crit chance for maces, axes, greataxes if you have more than 25% energy? I'd also like it if they could use swords too. Seems weird for medieval robots not to have bonuses for them. Anyway that's it sorry for bothering.
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  11. sayter

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  12. loboBranco1245

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    Hi Sayter.

    You can include the Lyceen race in FR please?

    Yeah i know that the creators have done a patch but the patch isn't working as follow the screen shot my Resistances and my immunities not are displaying. I tried to fix this by my self, but after 15 hours looking the folders again and again, i not found how to make the Lyceen.Raceeffect file works correctly, So i decided to ask you instead.

    Sorry about my english. This isn't my first language.

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