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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Kayuko, May 20, 2015.

  1. Kayuko

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  2. River King

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    Well that made things a lot easier.
  3. haynesy566

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  4. Directionless

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    These are very helpful tutorials Kayuko, thanks!
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  5. Kattanos

    Kattanos Pangalactic Porcupine

    I clicked your sig, Kayuko hoping to find info on how to change my cursor..
    And then I saw that.. -.-

    I was really hoping to change it from an arrow to a crosshair for accuracy's sake.. =/
  6. Kayuko

    Kayuko Oxygen Tank

    Huh, does starbound even use custom cursors? o:
  7. Kattanos

    Kattanos Pangalactic Porcupine

    I saw someone with a screenshot using a crosshair for a cursor.. So I thought it had to have been modded in..
  8. Kayuko

    Kayuko Oxygen Tank


    Like this?

    Yeah, there are ways to add custom cursors (just checked the assets) but I doubt I'll write a tutorial on that, lol.
    It's pretty much just replacing images and adjusting the .frames file (which I explained in a lot of threads already). o:
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  9. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The Waste of Time



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  10. Kattanos

    Kattanos Pangalactic Porcupine

    Link to one of those threads? Or all of them? Some of them?
    :pwease: I can has?
  11. Kayuko

    Kayuko Oxygen Tank

  12. Kattanos

    Kattanos Pangalactic Porcupine

    You're a wizard, Kayuko! Sadly, I am not.. Where you see basic knowledge, I see a confusing mess.. =/ I just want the basic red crosshair (top icon) instead of the red arrow.. I know little to nothing about modding other than drag and drop files into the "mods" folder from other games (Various MMOs for example).. Even less about scripts and programming.. JSON files are completely new to me, as in never heard of before a few days ago.. The knowledge of those extend only to the name itself and nothing more..
  13. Kayuko

    Kayuko Oxygen Tank

    Mod is attached.
    Didn't test it but it should work.
    If somethings wrong just report back.

    This mod is a very VERY VEEEEERY dirty edit, don't take it as an example for anything at all.
    I was just too lazy to do it right.

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  14. Kattanos

    Kattanos Pangalactic Porcupine

    Not sure if my error or yours, but it isn't working.. I dropped it in giraffe_storage>Mods as the whole Cursormods folder and tried taking the contents out and placing it in the mods folder.. I also noticed the default arrow icon was in the image still and maybe that is what is causing the hiccup?

    This post has been delayed by internet outage.. It conveniently shut off while I was typing this.. -.- I have the worst luck..
  15. Kayuko

    Kayuko Oxygen Tank

    Nah, that's wanted, I altered the frame it's read from, however.
    And yeah, it was my fault.
    Rename cursor.frames.patch to cursors.frames.patch, was a typo.
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  16. Kattanos

    Kattanos Pangalactic Porcupine

    I noticed you threw in "Rainbow Dash for president" in the meow.modinfo... >.>

    Changed it, but doesn't work still.. Is there a prerequisite file or something I need to make mods work? I remember in Minecraft I need to delete META.INF or whatever it was called to make mods work.. Something like that involved here?

    --EDIT 2--
    Nevermind... Works now.. I messed up this time.. I added .patch since I saw it was missing, then when to check the file name to make sure everything was right and saw it said ".patch.patch" I forgot the extension (.patch) was hidden..

    Thanks a bunch for helping me with this! :3
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  17. Kayuko

    Kayuko Oxygen Tank

    Nope, but sometimes files are unpatchable, so try to replace the patchfile with this one.
    Delete the patchfile first and place the file above in the interface directory.

    And... you saw nooooothing....~ >:D

    ... weeeeell... just act like this post never happened.
  18. Kattanos

    Kattanos Pangalactic Porcupine

    What post? I don't know what you're talking about.. :X

    Also, I don't want to sound ungrateful, but there is a minor issue with it.. Instead of aiming in the center of the crosshairs, it aims for the top left "corner" of the icon's invisible box.. I quickly pulled out my pistol to test its accuracy.. I noticed it was off and switched to matter manipulator to confirm it.. Is there a way to fix the location of the "target" on the icon or is it always going to be pinned to top left corner? If the latter, then a minor edit in GIMP or Photoshop can fix it.. Clip off the top and left lines and push the central dot to the top left corner of the icon leaving the bottom and right lines in their present orientation comparative to the central dot..

    Basically to

    o =

    Removed first example due to not only you already know how it looks presently, but also due to spacing in post didn't transfer properly making it look nothing how I had it in the submit box..:facepalm:
  19. Kayuko

    Kayuko Oxygen Tank

    Hm... that's a good question.... it is in fact always locked at the top left, however, this counts for the crosshair just as well as the render (the frame).
    I'll think about a way to change that, but at the moment I wouldn't know of any.
  20. Kattanos

    Kattanos Pangalactic Porcupine

    I see.. Well, a work around in the meantime is to alter the image as previously suggested.. Pretty much cut off 2 "arms" (top and left) and align the rest of the crosshairs with the dot being in the top left corner.. It'll look just as nice with the benefit of being truly accurate! :3

    Pew! Pew! Pew! :iswydt:< - - :chrono:

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