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Discussion in 'Support' started by icedelta, Jan 30, 2019.

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    Hi folks, I have been fiddling around with the video options of the game as I was having odd scaling behavior that produced offsetting of the whole picture. It would offset the whole screen maybe 200-300 pixels higher. Also I was experiencing screen tearing like hell on any resolution.

    I have an old core i3 laptop and use intel hd graphics and have had this kind of preoblems before with that video card.

    Maybe this can also give the dev a clue as to how to fix the other fullscreen issues that i have seen reported here. My theory is that fullscreen scaling is actually offset, or not defined correctly (i'm no programmer but i can describe what i see), so much so that it would create a black screen by offsetting the image a whole vertical resolution upwards or downwards.

    So here is my temprory fix for this, please reply to this thread to see if my fix worked for others as well.

    1. Keep the game in windowed mode or refer to the devs instructions to remove the config file in your documents\savedgames folder.
    2. Go ingame and locate the video settings window
    3. Identify the resolution closest to your preffered desktop resolution (in my case this was 1280x720 as i am plugged into an old hdready tv)
    4. Exit game and change your desktop resolution to match the game's previously selected resolution.
    5. Launch game again and in the video options hit fullscreen.

    This has worked for me and got rid of the scaling offset behavior, and it took care of most of the screen tearing as well. In my particular setup, I know this is because of my integrated graphics settings that have poor vsync management.

    To the Dev:

    I have no idea if I am going to make sense here, but it seems that adding some way of managing screen scaling inside the game code or engine could help with this problem. Again I am no specialist and do not know if this idea is good or not, but since i found this workaround it seems logic to me.

    That being said, YOUR GAME ROCKS!!!! I have been waiting fur such a good quality metroidvania style game, and you have succeeded in making my heart throb as I am going through this game. I love all the new mechanics and the time travel, and this is by far the best game of this class i have tried since Castlevania : Order of Ecclesia. You really have done a great job and I love you for this !!!!

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