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Bug/Issue Found a bug and lost a day.

Discussion in 'Support' started by artheux, Mar 31, 2017.

  1. artheux

    artheux Space Hobo

    Hello, this is the first time I post something here and I feel kind of weird that it has to be a bug. But I guess it would not be good if it happened to anyone else!

    As I was going deeper into the mine, around 45~50 (the second chest after floor 40, I can't remember the correct floor), I found a chest with one Tundra Boots in it. My bag was full, so I had to throw something away.
    After some time thinking what could be spared to trash, I finally placed the boot in my inventory.
    As always, after I take an item from the chest, I click on it again for it to disappear. I wish I could see my face when I found out that there was another boot in there!
    I thought "Oh, that's probably a feature from level 40+. Twice the loot from now on". And so I measured what item would be worth of throwing away again.
    But as soon as I placed the boot in my inventory, my game closed.
    No text, no warnings, no good-byes. Nothing.

    I do have mods on my game but none of them changes anything of what was described here (as far as mod description tells).

    List of mods that I have installed:

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