WIP Forget Me Not: A Harvest Moon Project

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    In a... rather massive undertaking, I'm trying to add in Forget-Me-Not Valley and Mineral Town as locations you can go in-game. Current plans surrounding the project are as follows: Use primarily vanilla SDV assets for the making of the maps. Any custom tilesheets will be non-seasonal, to keep from needing as many. They will be able to be targeted by other mods in the case of recolouring/making them seasonal later. Once maps are complete, I will start in on adding Harvest Moon forageables and fish to the maps, as well as crops in some cases. Then basic shopkeeper NPCs.

    So far, I've gotten the following things done:
    Exterior Maps:


    Interior Maps:





    Custom Assets (Thanks to Lumisteria for the cute house and church!):

    I'm sure it goes without saying, but if anyone wants to help with making more assets, I'm all for it. I'm quickly discovering there aren't as many things that have an SDV equivalent on the various maps (For example, the Inner Inn. There just isn't any way to not have it as it looks, since it's so iconic for AWL and DS/Cute), and it's making it difficult to progress in some cases. With that in mind, I've decided to just make do with as many SDV assets as I can, modify them where I can, and in the cases where there just isn't an equivalent, fake it until I can get proper assets.
    Edit 3/9/20: Updated what all I have finished so far.
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      If anyone has screenshots of the areas blocked off by friendship requirements in Mineral Town, I would be very grateful to see them. The references I'm working with left out a lot.

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