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Have you roleplayed in other games?

  1. Yes, I love it!

  2. No, but it sounds interesting.

  3. Never, I wouldn't consider it.

  1. Phaetum

    Phaetum Void-Bound Voyager

    (This is a starbound based thread)
    Hello and welcome to an environment where your ideas of science fiction will flourish and our dreams may be combined to create a world of advanced role-play which may become a staple to the finished Starbound community! The idea here is to create a group interested in roleplaying with each other in the promised 'Dedicated Servers' that are in the expected updates for 1.0.

    I am Phaetum, an experienced roleplayer who has run guilds over several game platforms and who is passionate about creating meaningful interpersonal experiences between all kinds of characters. I seek to craft truly inspiring stories that forgo all basic dramas, cliches, and focus on creating an experience that is 100% STARBOUND. We don't need vampires, schoolgirls, etc. when we have the rich possibilities of the cultures already provided! I want to find others who are as interested in creating a rich environment full of character-driven plot fueled by creative collaboration and scheming from our best minds... rest assured that when we have enough people to create this experience, and when I have enough experience through playing the game, I will put my best effort into creating a literate and truly creative experience in a hand crafted universe, so long as my team is as willing to give back to each other in the same way. And keep in mind that the game is not yet completed, and when it is our experiences will be altered and enhanced so much! Any bond we form now will only be strengthened by this solidarity.

    There's no 'requirements' merely expectations, ideals that I believe will make this community great!
    Roleplaying Experience- Basic knowledge of roleplay is the only requirement. I ask for nothing beyond your creativity and your ideas for the existing world. How can all these already fascinating races be expounded upon? The creators have given us great tools, so how can we as a community create our own lore based on them? No idea is beyond consideration!

    Friendly Attitude: Drama is great in the story, but if you can't separate character drama from real drama, or feel like your characters are you to a degree that you take insult at another characters actions, then maybe this isn't the place for you! There will be criminals, scumbags, mouthy ladies with quick trigger fingers, and frankly if you can't handle the roughness of space, it would be best you stay out of the fray! And on top of that, don't start nothin' outside of the field of creativity! If you have an issue, come to me as the admin, or to anyone who seems friendly enough to diffuse situations, and see if you can calm things, because the last thing we want is an interpersonal explosion!

    True Collaboration: If you are as passionate as I am and you want to attempt to create our own cultural experience, just like our own dimension of Starbound that each character inhabits, your voice will be heard and be just as strong as my own. If you want to be a fellow admin in this idea please feel free to send me a private message telling me about your gaming experience so far in Starbound and what you'd like to see roleplay wise, and what you think you can contribute. Don't be shy, it's not hard or difficult to say something, and if you are keeping to lore and seem to have prior roleplaying experience, you can easily become a fellow admin in this experience.

    Does that sound simple enough? I hope so because what I'm doing with this thread is generating interest in what would basically be an advanced server focused on literate and serious roleplaying through developed plotlines crafted by admins who love it all as much as those experiencing their creation. Roleplay is something which can bring out our inner child, play to our desire for interaction in worlds beyond our imagining, and give us powers we only dream of. Become a part of this experience with me.

    APPLICATIONS: There are no applications at present though when I've got enough feedback I will happily create an application for all those interested in the thread. In the meantime simply post about your interest and add 'I want to know more" which is code-name for, send me a message when there's apps! I hope to see all of you wonderful roleplayers in the future. Have a wonderful experience in Starbound until then! Play on!
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  2. Captain Kane

    Captain Kane The Waste of Time

    I'm interested. My skills have been honed over at rpguild. Let's go. I'm so ready for this. Let's fucking go. Where have you been my entire Chucklefish forums life? I want to know more. This sounds really awesome.

    EDIT: Oh yeah sorry forgot to give you my resume, which is basically that writing is a beloved hobby of mine and I have experience participating in, managing, and writing plot for RPs.
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  3. Kaiachi

    Kaiachi Tiy's Beard

    Hey! I definitely want to contribute to this. I have created lots of lore for Novakid and other races, and I have many ideas I could contribute with this, as well as characters I've created. I've had experience in the Chucklefish forums with roleplay, as well as plot writing experience, and I'm starting out more from the rpguild website. I want to know more! I'm so ready.
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  4. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    Need another hand? Because I'll gladly join you in your quest to create an awesome RP server...

    As for my experience, just ignore the first Untold thread and we'll be fine... And throw in several years of playing DnD and pathfinder, as well as doing a bit of roleplaying during a few Settlers of Catan sessions...
  5. Phaetum

    Phaetum Void-Bound Voyager

    Hey everyone! Thanks a lot for the interest, I'm glad that this is something others are willing to get involved with. Kaiachi, that's great about all the ideas you've been cultivating and I hope you have it all stored away somewhere so the lore can be shared, but for now just keep building! This post is mostly here for us to generate ideas. I will later send private messages to different members who have expressed interest to talk about the different ways we can all help out, and who knows maybe we'll have a skype group or something like that so we can discuss all our creative plans!

    Update 1.0 isn't too far off, and I've been trying to get further in the game and discover more about what Starbound already has as far as lore and culture. While the stable version so far doesn't seem to have a whole lot, I expect we'll have even more to build on later. I've been brainstorming several ideas for the general idea behind the server.

    So as it's been said in upcoming features "At the start of the game, no matter your race, you are on Earth and a recruit of the "Terrene Protectorate" (hereafter TP). The TP is a large group that was started by the Humans but now has members of all major (playable) Races. The goal of the TP is to protect the universe and generally take care of everyone." which is nice and peachy and universal. I think that this being a very loose basis is good, but that we should by no means restrict the organizations in the role-playing universe to this. We would be an overall guild of roleplayers if you want to look at it that way, but there would be multiple factions that we wound make which work within or even against the TP. This would allow our roleplaying to transcend merely social interactions and lean towards us plotting against one another, working towards goals that may even go against each other, and dealing with social issues like reputation and racial differences.

    Anyway I'm going to make a post in a while filled with more serious thoughts. I'm still discovering the game itself as I said, and I'm a relatively new player, but those who would love to join in the collaboration should still come here and share ideas. Until the update is released and dedicated servers are possible, we're going to have a lot of fun work on our hands!
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  6. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    Relatively dedicated servers are actually possible, it's just difficult... Much like Terraria multiplayer was before 1.3... And I'm still interested.
  7. Phaetum

    Phaetum Void-Bound Voyager

    Of course I'm just going off of expected and promised updates which included dedicated servers. I will admit that without that aspect it will be much more difficult... so we are going to act like they will succeed. Also don't think I was ignoring you :) your are certainly one of those I was planning to talk to later when I see more interest and want to get very serious. But lets all feel free to discuss here in the meantime (and afterwords for that matter)
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  8. Captain Kane

    Captain Kane The Waste of Time

    I have a grand idea that I am working on with our very own Kaiachi here.
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  9. Kaiachi

    Kaiachi Tiy's Beard

    I have it all stored in my mind, ma'am. I have lore for days.
    Somehow, I missed this snippet of information in the updates, but it sounds nice and idealistic. I'm sure there could be plenty of factions to go against it's grain! Such is the nature of people and things.

    Damn straight. :D
  10. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    And here I am in the dummkopf corner with my paper dunce hat pretending to have grand ideas! :p
  11. Captain Kane

    Captain Kane The Waste of Time

    We're totally gonna bring Varmint and Haruko and Kane back.
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  12. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    Sweet. The terrible trio makes a return...
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  13. Captain Kane

    Captain Kane The Waste of Time

    Some advice is that whatever you have planned is going to shrivel up and die if you're only around a few times per week.
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  14. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    They only joined about a week ago. Give it time and they'll be stuck in the Skinner box of the forums soon enough...
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  15. Phaetum

    Phaetum Void-Bound Voyager

    Not only is it probably not anytime soon that the update will make us able to roleplay together in-game, but I'm currently a full time college student and my real life dreams are very taxing. I am still a gamer who spends most of my free time enjoying various games (thought at the moment I can't let go of Starbound and I'm pretty sure that addiction will only increase :p)

    Right now I just wanted to put the idea out there and see who responded and if there were many people, three people responding does bring me a lot of happiness and is a great basis but while I'm very busy I'm simply planning to post up ideas of my own that I compile and refine over time, and wait expectently for update 1.0 while I learn about starbound. If you would like to start the discussion sooner then later though hit me up in a private message and we will see about making a chat room and inviting everyone interested to talk no matter how many of us are online, I'm certainly not going to stop any creativity just because I'm busy!

    Anyway come summer I plan to dedicate more time to roleplaying over several mediums including tabletop, and no doubt then I will be very free to leave my mind open to creativity :) I hope that doesn't turn you or anyone else off to this idea.
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  16. Captain Kane

    Captain Kane The Waste of Time

    I was under the assumption that this was going to be an in-forums RP, and regardless of whatever your real life situation is, my statement still stands. I've seen many an RP die simply because no one dedicated enough time to it. I'm sure you must have too.
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  17. Phaetum

    Phaetum Void-Bound Voyager

    Alright then let me clarify this - I was interested in the idea of gathering a group for in-game roleplay through Starbounds expected 'dedicated servers'. While I have enjoyed plenty of forum roleplay in my time, I found this game is very creative and sharing the visuals and engaging in everything from combat to fashion advice with each other would be great. So this was a discussion based forum looking for other interested in creating this dedicated world and creating interesting plotlines with the admins. It could have a very humble beginning, like 10 people, which is fine, and perhaps through more server discussion and recruitment get bigger. But that's all in the future, so because the game is not finished yet and those servers aren't available, I wanted to start early in getting people excited about it. If this isn't up your alley then that's too bad, and I'm sure there will probably be fun forum role-plays we engage in as well. But no this topic is not actually going to be a roleplay in itself, it's like a group roundup.

    I've edited my main post to reflect that.
  18. Captain Kane

    Captain Kane The Waste of Time

    My interest in this tentatively remains, though I believe the confines of a video game limits you in a way that writing does not. The prospect of controlling multiple characters, for example, is already thrown right out the window.
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  19. Phaetum

    Phaetum Void-Bound Voyager

    Yeah there are enormous differences in these types of role-play so I want everyone to understand that! In forum roleplay you are basically writing the entire story together, you have to describe every nuance of your movements, the environment, and in the end spend a lot of time trying to artfully put everything in that might effect the other character. As you say, you get multiple characters, but that is perhaps one of the 'only' differences, and I've seen it done where people roleplay with invisible pets/siblings/companions in-game, they just... aren't there.

    It's not so different in-game as you might think, however. Actions are most definitely not left entirely up to the visuals, and description goes a long long way. Emotes are the way that people can convey action, if emotes don't exist we can use the slightly more clunky but ultimately harmless ** symbols. (eg. *Sammy sat down on the ledge with a deep sigh and looked up at her companion with a stubborn flair in her eyes* You're crazy if you believe everything you hear...") So you see, in the end all that in-game roleplay does is delete the need to describe mundane things like where the character is standing, the environment as it pertains to you (eg. you get to lean on a chair without having to set up in advance that it exists)

    Anyway this has given me the idea to write up a guide to post in here to make it a little more easy to get into in-game roleplay :) and also I can teach people in an actual in-game lecture when the time comes.
  20. Diamond Dog

    Diamond Dog Guest

    Sounds interesting
    (Here at Zettas brain we bring quality two word posts!)
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