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Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Faerdin, Feb 27, 2016.

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    This is going to be my first post on the Starbound Forums, so I hope I've scanned the rules enough and I am doing this right. :)

    After spending some time in a village my girlfriend and I began construction on, I began to notice a recurring trend -- NPCs (Tenants, to be specific) would occasionally get stuck in tight spots or even on simple platform arrangements. If they were far enough away to warrant teleportation, the problem would be resolved immediately, but those located closer to their Colony Deed were basically stuck until the offending item impeding their movement had been removed.

    I would like to suggest a small change to help with this kind of scenario in a way that would not call for major remodeling or excessive restraint in city design to ensure NPCs do not get stuck: one interaction (E) with your Colony Deed summons the associated tenant. But a second interaction in quick succession forces the NPC to teleport as they would when they are a certain distance away -- thus the phrase "Force Teleport."

    If there is an easy solution to this kind of problem already present in-game and I just overlooked it, please feel free to correct me so that I can amend my stance. Otherwise, I hope this is a helpful suggestion for the tenant system -- which I've already been having tons of fun with.

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