For nightly, regarding hunger.

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You would think you would know when you're starving

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  1. Yes, it would make sense that I know my stomach is empty


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  1. sethbourgeois

    sethbourgeois Void-Bound Voyager

    Could we get some kind warning when you're starving to death? Similar to early Starbound but keep the meter, please? Or maybe a beeping like when you're drowning?
    And no I would not say a little picture of a man in the top left corner is much of a warning.
    Please I've had 2 hardcore characters out of 3 die this way.(current one excluded as he hasn't died yet.)
    And would it kill you to give me a little leeway? Maybe a buff for the first in-game day or so called "Ate before I left" or something to that effect, that made hunger deplete a little slower?
    I know it's a fair bit to ask, but if just one of these got in, it'd make the whole shebang a little more forgiving.
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  2. Ludovic

    Ludovic Giant Laser Beams

    I believe the Sims had an interesting way of dealing with this:
    That is, a pre-starvation "hungry" debuff on a timer... once the timer for that is over, the proper starvation happens.

    The way it could work is that your hunger meter goes down as it used to.
    However, once empty, it doesn't reach "starvation doom" right away and instead bring in a "hunger weakness" debuff: like radiation, your health might suddenly be debuffed to a lower level(though perhaps only 50% or 75% of it, instead of the "death's door" effect of radiation environment).

    That debuff would be on a 2 minutes timer, with perhaps the occasional grumbling stomach noise. Once over, then the proper "starvation" debuff happen with the usual "hunger damage" that is currently implemented. When that happen, the more strident "starvation beeping" notification noise could happen.

    I figure just implementing an "in-between" state as said here may be a good way of alleviating current accidental deaths from hunger in the game.

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