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Who do you pledge your allagiance to? What faction you (plan to) most play as? Stance on honor?

  1. Question 1: For the Knights!

  2. For the Vikings!

  3. For the Samurai!

  4. Question 2: As a knight

  5. As a viking

  6. As a samurai

  7. Question 3: For honor!

  8. No honor, only victory!

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  1. MS_NorthEastern

    MS_NorthEastern Orbital Explorer

    When I'm facing off against someone who is trying to push me off a cliff they might put there backs to a cliff and throw me behind them. If you can counter their guard break by pressing the guard break button, that counter throws them back, and in that case off the cliff. Great way to deal with some dishonorable players who think their being smart.
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  2. BloodyFingers

    BloodyFingers The End of Time

    I can't for the life of me have a lightning fast reaction to effectively counter guardbreaks. So far, it is mostly luck.
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  3. Omicron445

    Omicron445 Pangalactic Porcupine

    I have no doubt for Honor would be an incredibly smooth and detailed game if I could just find out how to update my graphics card.
  4. I just fought the most dishonorable team, all they did was push people off ledges to kill them because they knew they would die in 1v1 fights. And then they insulted my team and said we were bad, when most of the time we kicked their butts
  5. BloodyFingers

    BloodyFingers The End of Time

    I haven't logged any playtime in a while... hmmm...
  6. When will you be able to play again, Bloody? There's an order for playing brawls with friends, so I need your help to compete it!
  7. BloodyFingers

    BloodyFingers The End of Time

    It's not about being able, I just haven't felt like it lately. Right now I'm a bit sleepy so maybe later.
  8. For Honor, the game where groups of 4 people purposefully accidentally throw people off ledges, spam cleverly use their guard-breaks, and all gather together to go out and gank fight everybody honorably until they win, they also revive all their teammates (because they can't win a damn fight by themselves) , and to pour salt on the wound make everybody happy they play this game, they then insult make friends with everybody who they beat with their stupid brilliant tactics!
    Aren't the players of this game just Degenerate scum the best? :catbleh:
  9. BloodyFingers

    BloodyFingers The End of Time

    I got sidetracked by Torment: Tides of Numenéra and kind of let 4H go by the sidelines. I did play for a bit yesterday but only against bots.

    It seems a few of the next new classes leaked on a reddit subforum. They are the centurion and the ninja.

    I sense a new dominant class incoming.

    oh and @Firepaw Da Cat, about what we discussed yesterday, you can raise equipment level by spending steel and coin or something like that. Both obtainable with microtransactions. So with enough investment you can effortlessly kit a class with monster gear. 4H is a bit pay to win in that regard. They need to sort out their matchmaking soon. The only modes where those stat boosts are disabled are duels and brawls, so it comes as no surprise that those two modes are mostly devoid of players.
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  10. MilkCalf

    MilkCalf Supernova

    Keep in mind that you can't raise a equipments level beond their color limit. I think equipment is there so tht you can kill those pesky runners, gangbangers and eqge throwers.
  11. BloodyFingers

    BloodyFingers The End of Time

    They aren't working very well, then.

    You have death squads that always move together and wipe out the opposing party. Nevermind that they are all prestige 3 and still would lose in a 1v1 duel. Their buddies were around to interrupt your execution so they can revive their fallen comrade. Having high-end gear yourself becomes useless then. Even if you are so strong you can two shot them, it's three against one most of the time. You get the guard-breaker and the opportunists who sneak hits in while you are stunlocked.

    And getting high level gear isn't that hard when you pay for champion status and cheese your way to victory like that on pvp matches. But it's an endless grind if you do this the honourable way. You are left with no choice other than descend to their level of scumbaggery or simply pray that you only find likeminded people your own level.
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  12. BloodyFingers

    BloodyFingers The End of Time

    today, me and @Firepaw Da Cat reaped victory from the fields of treachery! Huzzah! :viking:
  13. MS_NorthEastern

    MS_NorthEastern Orbital Explorer

    Had the best 1v1 Duel ever! It was me as warlord and the other person as Valkyrie. We went on fighting for a long time, no environmental kills even though we both had many opportunities.
    I lost in the end but it was super fun. We both immediately redied for another match, and then... Disconnect

    (Frick'n P2P. Sasafrassing garabge, hurrumph)
  14. BloodyFingers

    BloodyFingers The End of Time

    So, apparently we have this for the new classes coming soon:

    Seems like there will be a fourth, neutral faction with no territories of their own called 'Mercenaries'. My bet is they'll just slot whatever cool warrior that doesn't fit any of the three main factions, like the Centurion (although Ninjas could easily fit with the Samurais) in this one.
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  15. MilkCalf

    MilkCalf Supernova

    Nah that's fake. It seem super amateurish.
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  16. BloodyFingers

    BloodyFingers The End of Time

    Maybe. But it is a fact those two will be the next classes. it's right there in the Season Pass advertisement.


    The two prominent figures are very much like a ninja and a roman warrior sillouettes.
    And while the Roman Centurion can be considered a knight, it would be stretching it a bit. Not to mention no new class for vikings were announced. It makes more sense to have a fourth roster with classes that doesn't fit with the other factions. Ninjas, despite being part of the japanese culture, are not strictly samurai as they don't adhere to the bushido. Not that the Samurai acts very samurai-ish themselves here. They employ a lot of ninja tactics too. Especially the Orochi & Nobushi.
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  17. MilkCalf

    MilkCalf Supernova

    Okay yeah I can see it. It just seemed out of place, but as long as pirats won't be involved I'm happy with it. It's the time of war and destruction. Chaos and neutral/side changing warriors wouldn't be out of place. Also for Centurions defence, in game Apolleon says "The Iron Legion traces it's roots to a much older culture. An ancient empire, led by Centurions, believed to be lost in the destruction. They are not, I have met them."
  18. BloodyFingers

    BloodyFingers The End of Time

    Lorewise, you're right. But that would leave the Vikings with less options. That's why I think there is either a third, as of yet unannounced class for the Vikings, or they'll create a fourth row for miscelaneous classes.
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  19. Dipdoo

    Dipdoo Existential Complex

    Maybe the fourth row will be mercenaries, I think the campaign refers to the the Iron Legion as a band of mercs.
    If they do involve anything Roman, I'm very excited to see what they do with the varied equipment Roman soldiers carried. Pilla for weighing down shields, gladius for murder, full circle lethality.
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  20. MilkCalf

    MilkCalf Supernova

    Well those are just two out of 6.
    Yeah. I think the point is to create heroes that are related to each other but them being enemies isn't entirely out of the window. Samurais and ninjas being rivals fits with that.

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