Food stacking and spoiling.

Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by Oviolioxinfree, Sep 10, 2016.

  1. Oviolioxinfree

    Oviolioxinfree Void-Bound Voyager

    *ahem* I don't want food spoiling.
    I want food stacking.
    I don't care about realism here, I am a plant monster going through space trying to find other plant monsters so i can look at their junk in hopes to find out where a space magufin is.
    so please, Mr. and Mrs. Game developers, get rid of food spoiling, and give us food stacking.
    (P.S. i have like 30 fridges in my house because of this. 30 FLIPPIN FRIDGES!)
  2. Mjollna

    Mjollna Phantasmal Quasar

    Hi !

    I've read here and there lots of people not happy with food mainly not stacking, and the fact that it's hard in terms of design (because of the rotten mechanics) to go back on this.

    Would that be possible to imagine "vehicle portable fridges" ? Something like a cross-over between a hoverbike and a fridge... Here's how I imagine this :

    - Holding and storing the "hoverfridge" would work exactly like the hoverbike : you can park it somewhere, take it with you, and it takes only one "pokeball" place in your inventory.
    - When it's placed and you click to interact with it ("e" key), it would open a standard big container (with a button "take it all" to transfer stuff quickly), in which you can only place food. This last element is important to ease only food storage and not affect the whole inventory limit mechanics.
    - It's possible to imagine a standard version that doesn't keep items fresh, and another more expensive one, that holds your ingredients cool forever. The initial price of the hoverfridge would have to be chosen in order to allow it in end game, but keeping the "survival" feeling at the beginning.
    - Mouse over on the hoverfridge icon in the inventory could show a glimpse of the content, so that you don't have to place the item to look at what's inside.

    In terms of lore/universe consistency, there already are pocket dimensions, so it would fit to think of these portable chests/fridges as somewhat parallel compressed dimensions. If they can be crafted instead of bought, maybe some rare Ancient material could be required to make them (something similar to the teleporter cores).

    What do you guys think ? (Maybe there's a mod that already does that, but I don't know much about existing mods, so sorry if it's already been discussed/made).
  3. Lintton

    Lintton Guest

    Do people seriously have 30 fridges in one house? I have like 10 across all my houses, include the fridges I do not actively use(which are about 4-5).
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  4. BlueLeafeon

    BlueLeafeon Cosmic Narwhal

    I stopped collecting food altogether because of this. :/ Just wasn't worth it.
  5. Ainzoal

    Ainzoal Ketchup Robot

    Why do you even need 30 fridges worth of food anyway?
  6. Oviolioxinfree

    Oviolioxinfree Void-Bound Voyager

    Ainzoal, because lazy.
    *stares at teleporter bookmark for garden planet intensely*
  7. Oviolioxinfree

    Oviolioxinfree Void-Bound Voyager

    also its a bit of exaggeration because reasons. the whole 30 fridges thing.
    but i do have like, 10 fridges, 7 in my ship (counting ice box and mini fridges) and 3 scattered around the place.
  8. nomad ninga

    nomad ninga Star Wrangler

    just buy chocolate i bought a bar at the begging of my run and now i have solar armor and its still good
  9. mrdrew

    mrdrew Tentacle Wrangler

    +1 for food management. The sort button should "rotate the milk" where the oldest is in front.

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