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    Hey, I need you awake. There's something I've got to show you. Now stare at the ground, and hold this​
    camera will ya... I know that you're probably going to hate me for this, but its been a rough ride, for the both of us. This year has been a crazy one hasn't it. We been through alot, you got a job in the military, and i'll be stuck at home wait for you to come back, but none of that matters right now, so keep your head down, we're almost there and i want it to stay a surprise.

    Okay. Lift your head up really slowly.....SURPRISE!! Isn't it amazing! Arent they beautiful. The wonderful​
    sapphire color and how it tails off and becomes this amazing red. You know i heard that the blue color is the rarest since it means that the nitrogen has to be ionized instead of the oxygen. Well the more you know i suppose. A couple of days ago i saw these and i thought it would be a nice way to celebrate. Its just, i know you love them alot, so you know, i though it would be the perfect gift. Sooo without further ado. Merry Christmas! I hope you love your present as much as the one you game me... Like come on, socks, really, that was the best you could come up with. *sigh* You're lucky i love you. Here, lets go, i have something special planned for you back home. Oh and you can turn off the camera now.

    Video log: 2112 12/25 offline
    "I wish we had more memories like that... But it would probably only hurt more... I should have known
    better, but you were always better than me at these kinds of things. so that...I could...goddamn socks, I should have known better, You bloody hate socks. If you were still here, i would have a better gift for than socks this time around. I would be showing the auroras of this planet. They're the same way you described the ones back home....maybe they're a bit more spectacular....... Merry Christmas"

    End Audio log: 2113 12/25 User: Disconnect

    This story requires a bit of input from the reader such as giving you the freedom to make and come up with your own characters so that you can experience the story in your own way, while still being guided along, in this rather basic plot. If you are reading this and already read the story try reading it again, but slowly and fill in some of the blanks. If you already didnt guess it, the main character is review a video log from a year ago, when his or her SO gave them their christmas gift. The main character is saddened by loss or leaving(depending on how you interpret it, personally i want it to be loss, but i cant explain it well enough to make it sound like loss) and regrets. I hope you guys enjoy this piece as much as i enjoyed writing it.

  2. I can understand what you're trying to do here, sort of, but I really don't know anything that happened. :c
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    There i fixed it up a bit to make it a bit more concise. Hope its understandable, while retaining my original goal.

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