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Fog of war unit overlap bug

Discussion in 'Support' started by MegadanXzero, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. MegadanXzero

    MegadanXzero Space Hobo

    Hey, was playing a co-op map with a friend (Both on the Switch version) and noticed that it was possible to get one of my units on the same space as my friend's.

    Repro steps:
    1) Begin a 2 player co-op battle with fog of war enabled
    2) Have player 1 move a unit onto a space that is out of vision of player 2
    3) Have player 2 move a unit onto that same space while they don't have vision of it, and wait
    4) See that the two units now occupy the same space

    After ending player 2's turn in this state player 1 is unable to move their unit on their next turn, because pressing A on the space shows the movement/attack preview of player 2's unit instead. On Player 2's next turn they are able to move their unit though, and fix the issue without any apparent side effects.

    I suspect this isn't possible for enemy units because your own units aren't able to pass through them anyway, however for allies you can move through them to get to spaces on the other side. This is simply the one case where you'd be able to actually enter the wait command on a space that's occupied.

    Also while I'm on the subject of fog of war, it feels very weird that the players don't share vision in co-op in the first place to be honest. We ended up having to make extra dogs to follow each other around so we could see what was going on, but even then we could never really see what happened when the other player advanced forwards.

    Lastly the animation that plays when the fog of war is being update is... Well the animation itself is fine, but the fact that it prevents you doing anything else during it is incredibly annoying. This has been mentioned by everyone I know who's played the game, and is honestly the biggest overall complaint I have with the game. Even worse is the fact that you are able to move the cursor around during the animation, it simply hides it and locks the camera, which means that if you do move it during the animation the camera will often suddenly jump somewhere else when it finishes, and you'll be confused about where your cursor is for a couple seconds.

    If it's not possible to allow us to actually do things during the animation, at the very least I think not hiding the cursor or locking the camera would be a massive improvement over how it is now.

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