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    I love mining, but I hate the buzzing sound of the flying insects. I changed the Wave Bank to play a new sound instead. It works for flies in the Mines and Skull Cavern. The replacement sounds like a spell is being cast.

    Current Download
    You can download it on Nexus:

    In progress:
    Compatibility for SimpleSoundManager.

    Omegasis was kind enough to create SimpleSoundManager, which allows for custom Wave Banks. This means myself and other modders can add new sounds without needing to replace the original Wave Bank file. For users, this will let you have a much smaller file to download when changing sounds.

    I am open to requests. Please let me know if you want the original Wave Bank altered, or would like to use SimpleSoundManager. If it's the latter, I will create your custom version after my first compatibility version is created.

    What is the new sound?
    You can find the source here.
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