Flower Festival can't dance with spouse

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Capulaw, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. Capulaw

    Capulaw Intergalactic Tourist

    In year 2 married to Leah, dont know if its a bug but couldnt dance with her at the festival. The funniest part is when talking to her she says she wont talk to other guys, guess that doesnt include dancing with them. Was looking forward to it since she denied me year 1.
    • Asymptote

      Asymptote Intergalactic Tourist

      same thing happend to me the option didnt come up to ask her to dance she just talked and i just asked penny :3
      • Ghostly Fox

        Ghostly Fox Heliosphere

        Marriage behaviour is apparently badly bugged. Report it to CA, and wait until next year I guess? :I
        • Jagore

          Jagore Big Damn Hero

          Marriage dating and the flower dance are all bugged.

          Flower dance has the same issue with most of the female dancers. I've heard of Abigail and Haylee doing the same thing under the same circumstances.

          Marriage a few spouses seem to get stuck on the road between the farm and town, ive seen a few get stuck outside the walls of the farm, and they seem to complain about messes a lot.

          Dating so far I noticed Sebastians 10 heart event does not happen ever. and I've tried to trigger it for a season in one save and a week in another. Had reports from other players experiencing the same.
          • nire46

            nire46 Intergalactic Tourist

            Ugggghhh! I waited all year to dance with Penny and now that I'm married to her I can't dance! ;_;
            • sorrymyfault

              sorrymyfault Phantasmal Quasar

              it has been allready been reported and should be fixed in the next patch

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