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    What items, buffs or materials the Boss drops or gives when slain or while changing forms
    How many?: When the boss dies, it gives an Hylotl prisoner crew member! It also gives a floran racial weapon, the weapon depending on the experience of the player. It also gives a mysterious staff that seems to be reverse engineered from a matter manipulator... Also, it drops floran tech that you can give to the Floran Scholar for money!
    What do they do?: The staff rips entire chunks of the planet from the ground, and may throw them in compressed balls doing 11-15 damage, again depending on experience. The Devs would get to design the crew member.

    In what location does this Boss spawn?
    Is it Planet-specific? If so what planet(s)?: Moons and Asteroid belts
    Is it Biome Specific? If so what biome(s)?: Surface level of moons and Asteroid belts
    Is it Time Specific? If so what time(s)?: After the player has obtained a quest from the Floran Scholar, reporting a 'research ship' in certain environments. Said ship captures people, and dissects them for, as the 'researchers' would say it "Floran likessssss ssssciieeence..." This is a very loose quest, where one is just to watch out for this ship, and if they see it to give him the tech from it's wreckage.
    Does it grow Stronger or weaker in a certain Time, Planet or Biome? If you have been fighting for over 10 minutes, then the ship's 'shields' AKA it's damage resistance will go down, and for a few minutes you will get extra damage.

    Spawn Rate/Spawning Conditions:
    What events or conditions cause this Boss to appear?: Obtain the quest from the Floran Scholar
    Does it have a spawner or an event trigger to make it spawn?: Obtaining the quest from the Floran Scholar
    How often does the Boss Appear?: Once, the next time the player visits an asteroid or moon after getting the warning.
    How much Health does the Boss have?: 200
    Does it have Mana or a form of Energy usage?: Yes, it's shields rely on ship power. Said shields run out after 10 minutes of fighting.
    How much Mana or Energy does the Boss Have?: 10 minutes worth
    How much Armour does the Boss have? A maximum of 100 when it has full energy.
    Is the Boss resistant to Certain attacks or Debuffs? If so what Attack(s) or Debuff(s)?: It is resistant or weak to nothing.

    Explain how the Boss moves; how does the Boss get around?
    Being a Floran Mothership, it flies, however it does dock for some of it's attacks. When docked, in crawls on strange vine wrapped mechanical legs.

    How does the Boss deal damage to the player. This can easily be defined as either “Ranged”or “Melee”: Ranged
    How much Damage does the player receive per attack?: Anywhere from 5-80, depending on the attack.
    Does the Boss have special Abilities? If so how often can it use it/them?: It does have special abilities. It has a few attacks, that are as such!

    Over half health
    Laser blast: A simple laser blast, dealing about as much as a laser rifle to the player. This attack only costs about as much energy as a laser rifle.
    Rail gun spray: The ship will land, much like death wing's smash attack, and then spray bullets all over the place, each bullet doing about 10 DPS. This drains 5 EPS!
    Ion Bomb: A bomb deployed from the ship, doing about 50 damage if dropped directly on the player. However, for every tile away from the blast the player is, there is one less damage.

    Under half health
    Crew Deploy: The ship lands, and lets out 3 Floran warriors
    Plasma Cannon: A huge blast comes out of the front of the docked ship, doing about 40 damage to the player! It costs about 30 power.

    Final Stand
    Self Destruct: The ship will explode, doing about 80 damage with the same rule as the Ion bomb. The ship has to be on the ground, and it will send the Hylotl Prisoner flying out of the ship.
    Do the Bosses attacks grant debuffs?: None of them do.
    What does the Bosses attacks look like?: Described already
    How often can the Boss attack?: Every 20 seconds.
    Does it have different forms? If so What Happens differently in them?: On the ground, the ship has spider-like legs that pull it around. In the air, it is held up by large thrusters.
    Does it spawn smaller Boss-Themed Mobs? If so what do they do?: It does, and they do about the same things as the Floran Warriors from the 'party' quest.

    Pixel Art

    Best I could do- don't use this for the game. It's just for a Visual aid.


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