Building/Ship Floran learnsss engineering

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by Nalano, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. Pedro Falcão

    Pedro Falcão Pangalactic Porcupine

    Yeah, but you know what? Dead fishmen can't contest your rule. I say floran gotta stab'em all.
  2. Dante1120

    Dante1120 Astral Cartographer

    Well then friend I'm afraid I must end you now. Let the crusade begin.
  3. Nalano

    Nalano Big Damn Hero

    Talk to prey? Floran consssider idea for-- no, idea isss ssstupid. Floran think ssstupid perssson is fishman in disssguissse. Floran want to ssstab perssson.

    Floran hunt of fishman cccity isss the point of floran expedition! If fishman cccity can be hunted, floran have whole new sssourccce of prey! Floran'sss name will be remembered by all floran! Floran will spread to all occcean planetsss usssing floran technique!
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  4. Dante1120

    Dante1120 Astral Cartographer

    Well then. I see the extremely idiotic Floran cannot reason with logic or sense, while I do appreciate your construction efforts, the simple purpose of your operation is unethical, in other words you've just killed most of your species!

    I may or may not be committing galactic genocide as a Warhammer 40k character...
  5. Nalano

    Nalano Big Damn Hero

    Fishman tenant tell floran that floran town is "perversssion of protectorate decree." Floran not know what "perversssion" meansss ssso floran looked it up in galactic internetsss, reccceive lotsss of picturesss of fishmen without clothesss being attacked by tentaclesss. Floran got very confusssed ssso floran showed fishman picturesss but fishman got all red and ssslammed door in floran'sss faccce.

    Floran unsure of word "unethical" but floran not going to look it up, floran doesss not like having doorsss ssslammed in faccce.
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  6. Dante1120

    Dante1120 Astral Cartographer

    Unethical, it means you are doing something horrid, that you really shouldn't be doing.
  7. Nalano

    Nalano Big Damn Hero

    Meatman tell floran story about nature one time, about fishman who needed ride through jungle, and asked floran for help. Fishman wary of floran but floran promissse not to eat fishman. Fishman sssay okay, hitch ride with floran. Floran get hungry part of the way, ssstab fishman. Fishman shocked! Sssay floran break promissse. But fishman should not have believed floran, floran argued, for it isss floran'sss nature to eat fishman.

    Floran likesss that ssstory becaussse it involvesss eating a fishman.
  8. Littleman9Mew2

    Littleman9Mew2 Zero Gravity Genie

    Just don't eat me next Floran. I'm Just an Avia- Er...Mewtwo. Also is this the only world you've done?

    Floran ssshouldn't hurt gray-cat assss gray-cat is friend of fellow floran Sssylva.

    I think that what the human's call "Not Safe For Work", but what that means Mewtwo has no idea.

    Sylva sssaysss it may harm Floran, but Floran is confussed...Floran head hurtssss.
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  9. airbreather123

    airbreather123 Intergalactic Tourist

    *Owen Wilson voice* wow
  10. RedPanda_Warrior

    RedPanda_Warrior Star Wrangler

    Floran needssss helpssss! Floran wantsssss to build a big sssstructure like Nolanos, but dossent know What planet would be bessst! Should Floran build on Ocean planet or foresssst planet?
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  11. TheFloranChef

    TheFloranChef Giant Laser Beams

    Floran should build it in any planet that hassss foodmen.
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  12. Nalano

    Nalano Big Damn Hero

    Floran likesss occcean planet becaussse it hasss lotsss of sssand which makesss it easssy to make sssandssstone bricksss. Sssand alssso good to make glassss, which isss double good becaussse birdsss fly into glassss and fall down, get eaten by floran. Only problem isss not too much land to work with. Floran alssso likesss jungle planet becaussse it has clay for bricksss and plenty of plant matter which makesss houssse feel inviting.
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  13. Mariel141

    Mariel141 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Floran lovess this whole thread. Can Floran join hunting expedition? Floran good at ssstabbing, very usseful!
  14. Nalano

    Nalano Big Damn Hero

    Floran hasss hit a problem. Underwater underground tunnel to fishman cccity floodsss becaussse of loosssse sssilt and sssand. Floran huntersss ssscared of going into pitch dark tunnel prone to caveinsss and full of sssaltwater.


    Tunnel needsss conssstant drainage. Conssstant drainage needsss big pumpsss. Big pumpsss need lotsss of fuel. Ssso floran asssk for help in making big fuel ressserve. Apemen obliged and underwater bassse extension wasss built and floran engineer assssigned.


    Floran wasss a bit worried that floran engineer would not want to work sssurrounded by sssalt water and high explosssivesss, but floran ssspirit prevailsss.


    Thisss time wiring wasss sssimple; floran isss beginning to underssstand! Floran even created a cutoff switch in cassse automatic ressserve refuel decccides to do thingsss it'sss not sssupposssed to. Like blow up the bassse and everything around it.


    Floran thinksss thisss hunt isss getting pretty complicated. Resssultsss better be worth it. When floran huntersss invade fishman town, floran will ssstab fishmen ssso hard!
  15. Dante1120

    Dante1120 Astral Cartographer

    At this point, use this place as a permanent base, instead of just a hunting post.
  16. Nalano

    Nalano Big Damn Hero

    Floran thinksss the lessonsss learned from this possst can be usssed to make ussseful hunting possstsss in all sssea worldsss. Apemen called it a 'prototype.' Floran will learn from experiencesss and apply to all known worldsss and in thisss way become famousss!
  17. Dante1120

    Dante1120 Astral Cartographer

    Yea, something this absolutely massive? Nah, that's not practical for a hunting post of any kind. Now if you manage to shrink it a ton, then yea maybe.
  18. Nalano

    Nalano Big Damn Hero

    Floran doesss not do thingsss by halvesss. Thisss isss why floran is bessst.
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  19. Crossfang

    Crossfang Supernova

    @Nalano As a Floran lover, I approve of this thread. I can see that you're having fun...which is very good!
  20. Dante1120

    Dante1120 Astral Cartographer

    Good god, that much work for something so small. And you plan on REPLICATING IT?

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